No wonder your minced beef is not good enough!As long as you master these three points, the filling is tender and juicy

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Life is like dumplings, years is the skin, experience is the stuffing, gently take a bite, you can taste the sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty, this can impact the taste buds, the more you eat the more delicious.Dumplings can be said to be the representative of Chinese traditional food culture of a kind of food, as in the common saying says: “but delicious dumplings, comfortable but backwards”, embodies the special feelings for dumplings, can fully express people’s love to dumplings, especially in the north, at the feast, any festival in the form of short of little not dumplings.The most common dumplings we eat are pork, beef, sheep, fish, etc., because these meat fiber organization is different, the texture of the sinkhole is also different.Especially beef, fiber tissue is thicker, fat proportion is less, if the stuffing is not good, taste will send firewood, not fragrant, hard work for a long time, the family does not like, hard to avoid heart loss.Today light dance to share with you how to mix good beef dumplings stuffing, as long as you master the three points, dumplings tender, a bite also burst juice, the whole family love to eat.Beef stuffing part: beef 500 grams, 2 Onions, 50 grams of green onion, 20 grams of ginger, 1 egg, salt, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper, dark soy sauce, white sugar, pepper powder, chicken essence, appropriate amount.Dough: 500g all-purpose flour, 2g salt, 250g water.Put 500g of all purpose flour into a bowl, add 2g of salt, mix well, slowly pour in 250g of water, mix with your hands to form a flocculent shape, then knead to form a slightly smooth dough, 5 minutes, then knead the dough until smooth, cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 20 minutes.Now let’s look at the three keys to making ground beef.Point one: Add papaya juice.Remove the fascia from the 500g beef with a knife, then cut into thin slices with a knife, shred, dice and chop into minced meat. Add 2 tablespoons of papaya juice, stir well and marinate for 5 minutes.Papaya juice: Papaya is a natural meat tenderer, which is rich in papain, which can break down the coarse fibrous tissue in beef, so it can play a role in tenderizing meat.Be sure to use the right amount, otherwise the taste of papaya will be too strong and affect the texture of the beef.The second point: into the spring onion ginger pepper water.Shred the green onion and ginger, put it into a bowl, put the right amount of Chinese prickly ash into the bowl, pour 200 grams of water, rub the green onion and ginger Chinese prickly ash into the bowl with your hands, and then filter out the head, and pour the juice clockwise into the beef stuffing for 3 times.Remember to repeatedly put the juice “into” the filling, only to eat the water into the beef, the meat will not come out of the water, the taste will not send firewood, the meat is better and more tender.Into the role of green onion ginger pepper water: beef fiber is thicker, the taste itself firewood, there will be some fishy taste, into the purpose of green onion ginger pepper water is to go fishy, so that the beef filling is more tender, but also can burst juice.3. Mix the filling with fried shallots and ginger.Onion and beef is perfect match, but it just gives beef a taste, can also give beef to the fishy, but the flavor of meat is not enough, some people say, put more oil, so eat a few more will be tired, how to make beef to eat sweet and not greasy?Fried shallots and ginger are used to give the ground beef a nice flavour.Remember that the onion must be squeezed dry before mixing the filling, otherwise the filling will water.Fried onion ginger note: oil in a wok in a shred or chopped green onion, ginger Fried small fire slower, wait until the onion ginger into a golden yellow, house full of fragrance, can turn off the heat, and then filter out the onion ginger directly into play water in the ground beef, add a pinch of salt, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, one teaspoon onion oil, into an egg mix can package system.Conclusion: The first two points are to “tenderize” the ground beef, and the third point is to “sweeten” the ground beef, so with the above three small methods, the ground beef tastes fragrant and tender, and it will burst into juice when you bite into it.The wake up good dumpling surface from the basin, move to the chopping board, do not knead, direct segmentation, knead strips cut into uniform size of small surface, hand pressing, rolling into a round dumpling skin.Then take a wrappers, put ground beef in the middle, make dumplings.After the dumplings are all wrapped, pour a little more water into the pot, the fire comes to a boil, slowly down the side of the pot into the dumplings.After the dumplings, with a spoon down the bottom of the pot to stir, to prevent sticking to the pot, the fire boiled, point 3 times of water, dumplings bulging floating on the water, then the dumplings are mature, about 3-5 minutes or so, out can be eaten.Now the arrival of spring, the recovery of all things, children grow, might as well give the family and children to pack a few meals of beef dumplings to eat, for a change of taste, nutritious and delicious, the family also like.Light dance today to share with you here, if you like, you can like, favorites, and follow me.Your likes are the warmest encouragement, thank you!