Scientific, accurate and intelligent: open a new era of enterprise credit classification supervision

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In order to implement the “pipes” of the reform of the party central committee and state council decision deployment, since 2021, state administration of market supervision and administration launched the “market supervision and management of credit repair management approach” the market supervision and management of severe illegal faithless list management approach “and a series of policies and regulations, in order to further optimize the market credit supervision mechanism,To speed up the build honest and trustworthy, fair competition market environment, agreed to by the State Council, state administration of market supervision and management of the printing on the further enhance supervision efficiency in enterprise credit risk classification management opinions “(hereinafter referred to as” files “), documents, to promote in-depth development “pipes” comprehensive reform, stimulate the market vitality and social creativity has a special role,It has opened up a new situation of scientific, accurate and intelligent supervision of enterprise credit risk classification in China, which is of great significance to The Times.First, put forward the overall requirements of constructing a new market credit supervision system with Chinese characteristics credit is the basis of market economy.In recent years, it is an urgent task for China’s market credit supervision to construct a high-standard market system, innovate and strengthen the supervision during and after business, and comprehensively establish and continuously optimize the classification management mechanism of enterprise credit risk.File emphasized that to raise the political stance, on promoting the modernization of national management system and management ability tasks and goals, and strive to resolve to build on the basis of credit regulation of new regulatory mechanism, solve the ascension “double random, a public” regulatory efficiency, solve the market main body quantity rapid growth and the supervisory task, practical problems such as insufficient supervision power,To realize the overall goal of comprehensively upgrading the supervision resources, supervision ability and supervision wisdom level of market supervision departments.In order to create a market environment of honesty and fair competition and promote classified management of enterprise credit risk according to law and regulations, the document puts forward general requirements for the construction of new market credit supervision mechanism and supervision system:First, establish A scientific enterprise credit risk index system, timely collect enterprise registration, filing, administrative licensing, administrative punishment, abnormal list and serious subject list information, and do A good job in the classification of credit risk grade (according to the risk from low to high, divided into A, B, C, D four categories).Second, we will use the results of categorization to improve the effectiveness of oversight, prevent arbitrary acts of law enforcement, and explore scientific and effective oversight of enterprises in new industries, new forms of business, and new models.The third is to strengthen risk monitoring and early warning, using big data analysis, algorithm technology model and other early detection of abnormal situations and risks, timely reminder, move forward the regulatory pass, defuse risks and hidden dangers, etc. These requirements constitute the basic content and main aspects of the establishment of market credit supervision mechanism and supervision system with Chinese characteristics.In order to realize the requirements of the above supervision tasks, scientifically study and judge the risk level of breaking the law and breaking the trust of enterprises, and realize the rational allocation and efficient use of supervision resources, the document analyzes and starts from three aspects.First, the scope of supervision: enterprise credit risk classification management mainly serves the supervision work of “double random, one open” and so on, enabling the supervision number and credit.It emphasizes that the classification results are the internal reference for allocating regulatory resources, not the credit evaluation of enterprises, so as to distinguish regulatory work from evaluation activities.Second, supervision means: it proposes to rely on information means to implement timely and automatic classification, objectively reflect the credit risk status of enterprises, and promote the transformation from undifferentiated and extensive supervision to differentiated and precise supervision.The third is the focus of supervision: to strengthen the application of classified policies.We will carry out oversight over prominent problems and potential risks, and appropriately determine the focus of oversight, the measures of oversight, and the proportion and frequency of random inspections, so as to promote targeted, effective, smart, and impartial oversight.Among them, in order to better serve the needs of high-quality economic and social development, the document proposes that the classification management concept and method of enterprise credit risk should be extended to all business areas of market supervision, and the results of classification supervision of enterprise credit risk should be used to scientifically allocate supervision resources and means to improve the timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of supervision.To make the supervision to the illegal and faithless “everywhere”, to the integrity of the law-abiding “no trouble”, to promote fair competition by just supervision, survival of the fittest, for the realization of China’s enterprise credit classification supervision system innovation provides a basic idea and path.Three, provides in enterprise credit risk classification regulation and application results of operational guidelines in order to consolidate the foundation of enterprise credit risk classification regulation and result application, file used in the second part and the third part of a large amount of space, to the enterprise credit information and gathering way, sharing mode, management methods, such as regulatory requirements for the further and clear definition,It provides an operation demonstration for enterprise credit risk classification supervision and result application practice.Its main content includes the following aspects: first, clear index system and information collection standard.According to the requirements of classified supervision, the document clarified that the classification index system should be constructed mainly from the aspects of enterprise basic attribute information, enterprise dynamic information, supervision information, correlation information, social evaluation information, etc., and the index weight should be given scientifically, and it should be constantly updated and adjusted according to the actual supervision, and continuously optimized and improved.At the same time, it is clear that the General enterprise credit risk classification index system shall be established under the leadership of the State Administration for Market Regulation to realize the unification of enterprise credit risk classification standards nationwide and ensure the orderly progress of classification and supervision.Second, establish credit risk classification and management system.The document requires all provincial market supervision departments to build enterprise credit risk classification management systems based on the publicity system and in accordance with the unified enterprise credit risk classification management information technology scheme and standards and specifications.At the same time, provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) with conditions are encouraged to build a general enterprise credit risk classification and management system with local characteristics according to local conditions under the index system framework of the State Administration for Market Regulation.Third, we should explore prudential regulation and result-application systems.In light of the future trend of economic and social development, it is necessary to implement inclusive and prudent supervision over credit risk classification management results of new industries, new forms of business and new models to ensure more scientific and effective supervision.On the premise of strictly observing the bottom line of safety, give enterprises sufficient space for development.Enterprises with low or average credit risks will be given a period of “observation” to explore the implementation of trigger supervision;For enterprises with high credit risks, targeted and strict regulatory measures are required to prevent risks and hidden dangers from becoming prominent regional and industrial problems, which reflects the principle of dynamic regulatory policies.Fourth, we need to strengthen dynamic management, monitoring and early warning mechanisms.As the systematic and advanced development direction of classified management, the document proposes that the characteristics of high-risk behaviors with universality and regularity found in daily supervision should be grasped according to the supervision needs and priorities of various professional fields.Pick up some from the index system of enterprise credit risk classification and the focus of the enterprise credit risk correlation index (such as an abnormal registration, change, complain inform against, abnormal growth, etc.) for real-time monitoring, to the enterprise risk early warning in time, when it is necessary to remind and warning, interview, inspection, as soon as possible to prevent dissolve the risk, effectively promote the reach regulation pass.Fifth, strengthen risk management and personal privacy protection.The purpose of regulation is to reduce risk.According to the classification management of enterprise credit risk, the document proposes to realize the organic integration with the “double random, one open” supervision, and promote the effective combination with risk prevention and control in professional fields.It is emphasized that the classification results of enterprise credit risk should be fully pushed to the supervision platform of “double random and one open” and connected with the directory database of sampling inspection objects.General enterprise credit risk classification management cannot replace the classification of enterprises in various professional fields, especially for food, drugs, special equipment and other special key areas to strengthen the coordination of supervision.Clarify information security responsibility, build data security responsibility system, prevent leakage of secrets and infringement of personal privacy.Four, regulations to promote scientific, precise, intelligent enterprise credit supervision schedule according to the regulations of the file, by the end of 2022, the market supervision department at the provincial level shall establish a universal enterprise credit risk classification regulation mechanism, the full amount of enterprises within their respective jurisdictions implement scientific classification, classification result in “double random, a public” by the routine application of supervision work,That is, it takes one year to complete the normal application work;By the end of 2023, provincial regulatory departments will realize the effective combination of enterprise credit supervision classification management and professional supervision, and establish and improve the enterprise classification and classification credit supervision mechanism applicable to professional fields. That is, it will take another year to complete the extension of work to professional fields.At the same time, it is proposed that in about three years time, the classification of credit risk management should be fully implemented, and the construction objectives of comprehensive application of information and risk monitoring and early warning should be realized.Therefore, the release and implementation of this document, for the enterprise credit risk classification management concept and method to expand to all areas of market supervision, improve the timeliness, accuracy and effectiveness of market supervision put forward a clear timetable, is a new progress in the establishment of China’s credit-based new market supervision system.It has opened a new era for the development of enterprise credit risk classification supervision practice in China.Disclaimer: The above content is transferred from other media, the relevant information is only for the purpose of conveying more information, does not represent the views of this website, nor does it mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of the content.If the manuscript copyright units or individuals do not want to be published in this network, you can contact this network, this network can be immediately removed according to the situation.