“We will not love”, how can be in love, this play is a secret book of love?

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Because sales love software is forced to love, Jin Chen and prince different first partner acting company sister and younger brother love, did not think of fake fall in love, this perfect love is hot broadcast “we will not be in love”.The title of the play has two meanings, one is for people who can’t technically fall in love, and the other is for people who can’t psychologically fall in love.The TV play is zhejiang east sunshine beauty used to film and TV culture media co., LTD., founder Zhao Mu work as a producer of south, Gao Congkai, directed Chen Xinyue screenwriter, jinchen, prince starring, asine, Liang Dawei in particular, Peng Yaqi, zheng miao, He Zeyuan, starring rayne, chung chan invited in urban romantic drama.This play closely follows the current social status quo, in fact, it is an in-depth analysis of the psychology of old leftover women and single dogs, in-depth excavation of love view, to the whole young men and women of the appropriate age a psychological comfort and interpretation of some not love view.First, why is falling in love so easy?Some people are enjoying being single, living in the moment and not wanting to be in a relationship.Some people miss the marriage, do not want to pursue, no longer love.However, some people want to fall in love, but can’t, hence the technological dating app “Love Note” in the show. This social software helps those who can’t find the direction of love to master the skills of love, step out of the single life, and embrace the happiness of a couple.However, as the developer of the software, he is not in a relationship yet, which seems to affect the credibility of the software, so the drama cleverly arranged the meeting of single couple Zhao Jiangyue (Jin Chen) and Gu Jianxin (Wang Zi Yi).And the Zhao Jiangyue is the general manager of love software is not in love, the Gu Jiaxin is studying abroad talent is full but do not want to inherit the family business racing driver.They are having respective selfishness, gu Jiasin’s selfishness is to comply with the mother’s wish to stay in the company for three months, and then continue his racing dream, and this Zhao Jiangyue is in a short three months to complete the bet with the net friend, become a master in love.So, these two people are the best example of how difficult it is to fall in love, and the plot revolves around how they act out the flow of love, and it’s funny and witty, and it’s fascinating.Second, do dating apps really work?This relationship app provides all kinds of relationship knowledge and tips, giving those who can’t love some reminders of what to do when, and what to say to get along better.Technology participation lets you know who your best match is.Love love notes hard propaganda brought the guest for the company, general manager of science and technology, discovered by Gu Jia heart is not love, be mother arranged in Zhao Jiangyue department become her assistant, to complete live bet, to help her boyfriend Xu Ning far in the process of pursuit, Gu Jia heart began to shake, not think this is in love with Zhao Jiangyue, unable to extricate themselves.So is this dating app working?The effect is certainly there, but should vary from person to person.Third, the true meaning of love love is actually a kind of chance and heartache of the encounter plus a mutual equality of the heart, there is no other way.Why are there problems in relationships?Because of the single old leftover women too good, not to do, single boys want to find a younger than their own, will take care of the gentle girls home, can not be strong, so the men and women can not love, at the beginning is not the same starting line, of course, no way to peer, holding your hand and son xielao.But because I believe in the advice of love software, age is not a problem, and true love is good, so the social sister and younger love is increasing, uncle and girl is more common, the real age, appearance, background, culture and interests of the same family is becoming less and less.Like the plot of the play, when Zhao Jiangyue knows his dream is to become a racing driver, help Gu Jiaxin completed his dream, he also broke through the age limit with Gu Jiaxin, slowly went together.The realistic significance of the play is greater than the love itself, although do not believe in love, but also to try to have a say.The show’s two stars are likable and comedic, making it a great recipe for romance.