Baqiao District Dongli Primary School: Accurate pulse and clear direction, professional guidance to promote growth

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Sunshine dispatch (reporter Liang Yongfei) in 2022, east Li Xiaoxue baqiao is listed as the second batch of xian city “new growth plan quality school” public compulsory education quality improvement since the units, schools to better implement the “ShuangJian” and “five management”, improve the teaching quality of classroom education and make the classroom teaching normalization, standardization and meticulous.Recently, Shaanxi Baqiao Teacher training School principal Yang Xiaoping, vice principal Xu Meimin, deputy director of the Teaching and Research Department Hao Jiangbo and other 13 members of the teaching and research team went deep into The Baqiao District of Xi ‘an Dongli Primary school “colorful stone music” classroom teaching guidance work,Qiao Wei, principal of Xiwang Central School, Dong Yanjun, vice principal of xiwang Central School, and vice principals, directors and teachers of related subjects of other schools in charge of teaching attended the activity.Classroom is the main front of school education and teaching work, is the main way for students to acquire knowledge and ability.Accompanied by principal He Pengfei, vice principal Dong Juan and director Tian Haiyan, the teaching and research staff walked into the classroom and guided the classroom teaching of 8 young teachers from Chinese, mathematics, English, P.E., music and information technology respectively.The teaching and research staff listened to the teachers’ classroom teaching, watched the students’ listening, watched the students’ practice, and had a dialogue with teachers and students in the classroom, and conducted a comprehensive examination of the school’s “color stone music learning” classroom teaching mode.Principal Yang, Principal Xu and Director Hao listened and observed, remembered and thought, understood and captured the generation of classroom patterns…Li Dongli, teacher of mathematics group, is listening to duan Zhizhen’s math class “Triangle Classification”.Duan teacher’s teaching manner is kind and natural, the teaching process is clear, the teaching content is rich and solid, the classroom from time to time came bursts of applause.Teacher Yang Yang and the fifth grade children to the teaching and research staff brought a wonderful math class “score multiplication (2)” Chinese teaching and research staff Xue Yunting, Qin Wei two people respectively listened to the second grade Teacher Liu Dan Chinese class “pony across the River”, third grade teacher Qu Xinyu Chinese class “antlers and deer legs”.Music teacher Deng Xiaoxia listened to zhou Liping’s music lesson lullaby.Principal Xu and teaching and research staff Liu Xiaohong listened to Sun Liantao’s information technology lesson “Tidy up the desk”.My School Calender PartA was a wonderful English lesson for grade 5 students.Although wu teacher is a young teacher, but she can grasp the teaching focus, coaxing, students not only learn to reading in the classroom, in deeper to know more about the different months holiday, is to use language in real situations, also felt the thick of the Chinese culture, to enhance the students’ sense of national pride.Teacher Liu Ju is watching Xing Shuai’s physical education class “in-situ lateral throwing softball”.After the class, baqiao school teaching and research staff and teachers face to face “one to one” exchange guidance, affirmed the teachers in the teaching work attentively, serious, not only pay attention to knowledge and skills, but also pay attention to the formation of behavior and habits of education, showing a solid teaching basic skills.At the same time, from the aspect of “Color Stone Music Learning” classroom teaching mode, it also points out the problems existing in individual teachers’ lesson preparation and classroom teaching, and puts forward professional suggestions and meticulous guidance from multiple dimensions such as textbook reading, teaching design and classroom evaluation. Combined with the requirements of “double reduction” work and “five management”,How to teach, how to learn, how to improve the quality of teaching to give advice and suggestions, requires teachers in teaching to strengthen their own learning in many forms, further consolidate the teaching routine, the classroom with students as the main body, let “talk” classroom change “learning” classroom, let “color stone music learning” classroom become high quality routine classroom.Zhao Zhongping, the teaching and research staff of Bao School, communicated with Dong Juan, the vice principal of Dongli Primary School, and inquired about the confusion and problems in the later period, laying a good foundation for the teaching and research staff to guide the teaching work of the school in the future.Finally, Baqiao school principal Yang Xiaoping, vice principal Xu Meimin, hao Jiangbo, deputy director of the Teaching and Research Department, respectively made a speech, in the affirmation of the school in the “color stone music learning” classroom teaching efforts and pay, but also put forward the ardent hope that teachers in the professional development to the depth, excellence;In the “color stone music learning” classroom deep cultivation, grinding deep drill, so that students better learn to master the knowledge of culture and science, to promote their own more comprehensive development.In the near future, the quality of class in Dongli Primary School will reach a new level and become the Oriental Pearl of Xiwang Central School.Through Ba bridge school research staff of the school guidance activities in class, enable the teachers to have the opportunity to communicate with the expert face-to-face, reflect on their own classroom, found my own shortcomings, defined the direction of future efforts, inspire the teachers’ teaching ideas, improve the teachers’ teaching ability, to stimulate teachers constantly promote and transcend,For the improvement of the teaching quality of Dongli Primary school point out the direction!We join hands together to the future, and strive for the development of Education in Dongli Primary School!Editor: Yuanyuan