Douban opened 7.9 points, Ma Sichun white guest starring this suspense drama, let me watch too scary

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This year is just the beginning of the year, the TV drama field has been excellent, suspense drama is showing a hundred flowers bloom.The Beginning, starring Zhao Jinmai and Bai Jingting, scored 7.9 out of 10 on Douban, while Twinkle, Twinkle Star, starring Zhang Jianing and Qu Chuxiao, scored 7.0 out of 10 on Douban.Now the suspense drama “Jiangzhao Dawn” douban opened 7.9 points, word-of-mouth explosion, from the acting, casting to the plot are unanimous praise, worth recommending.From Bai Baihe’s film “The Lock on the Door” to “The Dawn of the River”, the topic of women has finally been widely concerned, and the “domestic violence” has been directly brought to the big screen, making people sigh.The drama is led by Ma Sichun, Bai Ke, Liu Kai, Zhang Yao, Gao Xuyang, Shi Ke, Lang Yueting, Zhao Shuzhen and other actors.Plot layers of progressive, continuous reversal, outsiders look at the gentle and considerate husband, but it is a violent man, the weak wife and design colleagues became husband’s mistress.Man is known as the master of all things. It is not only the use of tools, but also the ability to learn, to disguise, and to conceal his true colors.Su Rui, played by Liu Kai, is like a pretender with many faces.In his career, he is a good man in the eyes of his wife and colleagues. At home, he is a domestic violence man. The complicated human nature is distorted to the extreme, but he is perfect interpretation.At the beginning of the story, In order to pay back the loan shark, Su Rui does not hesitate to kill his wife three times, it is heart-stopping to see people.Li Xiaonan, played by Ma Sichun, appears at first to be a delicate woman with a heavy family burden, busy with her work during the day and setting up stalls at night markets.When she turned around, she turned into a design colleague and became the mistress of her husband Su Rui. She followed and photographed her, and appeared in the hotel where Su Rui died, and may also have designed su Rui’s death.There are many mysteries about her.Ma Sichun, who has been acting for many years, is very good, but she has also completely abandoned the burden of idol. She often wears plain clothes in the play, and appears to be large, and her middle-aged state is vividly portrayed by her.Bai Ke’s Wang Cheng, as the most involved person in the play, can be said to be everywhere his shadow, but it seems that everything has nothing to do with him.But he was also the most important driver of the plot, with a cool, intimidating look of a bystander.The play can be interpreted in detail the internal contradictions of the family, as well as personal involuntarily in the family, the play is undoubtedly the most horrible, who are like the murderer, but no one is like the murderer, behind the layers of fog, the truth may be unexpected.# River Shines at dawn