Ioc president says Beijing Winter Olympics are dividing line, may be ‘wrong’

2022-06-12 0 By

Beijing time on January 27, 2022, the Beijing Olympic Games three announced officially village, the village of Beijing Olympic village, yanqing division of the Olympic village and zhangjiakou division of the Olympic village, on the occasion of the celebration, Bach, chairman of the international Olympic committee (ioc) said: “the history of the world of ice and snow sports will take the Beijing Olympics as a dividing line between”.To say that President Bach’s words are “wrong” does not mean that he is wrong.But we thank you very much for Bach’s comments, thank him for the recognition of the winter Olympics in Beijing, but, here to say that the Beijing Olympics may not be a dividing line, but a pinnacle of since the winter games held, will be no more beyond is unknown, but never is the boundary between the past and present, for three reasons.The Winter Olympic Games, is held by the world’s largest comprehensive winter games, since 1994, has been held 23 sessions, Beijing Winter Olympic Games is the 24th.Is known to all, the Olympic winter games and summer Olympic Games if you have a high visibility, one is the limit of time, the other is a sports limitations, because winter sports venues will be relatively, season, equipment, the influence of many factors such as more stringent than the summer Olympic Games, therefore, to participate in the number of people is also relatively small.The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics will be historic and unmatched.Two, the host country of the Winter Olympic Games in front of 23 countries are: France, Switzerland, the United States, Germany, Norway, Italy, Austria, Japan, Yugoslavia, Canada, Russia, South Korea, which is held more countries are the United States, France, from the economic strength, but also the United States the highest.But even that has not made the Games so widely known, and no Winter Games have ever been held in a way that the IOC president can say.Today, the international community has been affected by the epidemic, which has a far-reaching impact and cannot be comprehensively improved in a short period of time. Only China has resisted the pressure in these rounds of the epidemic, so that athletes around the world can compete in a safer environment.In addition, in order to successfully host the Winter Olympic Games, various venues are also built or rebuilt, which is difficult to see in previous competitions, more in line with the development of The Times.It can be said that if the US and other countries continue to be trapped in the epidemic, their economic recovery will be far from being achieved, and it will be even more difficult for them to hold such a large international games, let alone those small and medium-sized countries.Therefore, the Beijing Winter Olympics will not be the dividing line between past and future Winter Olympics, but the pinnacle.Of course, we also look forward to the future can transcend the existence, wish the world is getting better and better!