Jiangyong county held the grassroots party to build the work on duty review meeting

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Rednet Moment January 29 – (Correspondent Chen Lihua) On January 29, Tang Derong, secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee, presided over the 2021 annual township and county direct industry system Party (industry) Committee (Party group) secretary catch grassroots Party building work report and evaluation conference.Listen to the township and county direct industry system party (work) committee (party group) secretary on duty, sum up the results, examine the problem, learn from each other, improve the work, promote the county grassroots party construction work of high quality development.Yongzhou Municipal Party organization Department party member education center director Zhang Lihong to guide.He Debo, Deputy Secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee and County head, Li Lin, Deputy Secretary of Jiangyong County Party Committee and Head of United Front Work, and liao Shuqing, Tan Meichi, Li Yong, Wu Shuangfei, Liao Xiaohong, He Feng, Tang Qiongyan, He Kaiyin and Qian Jianhong, county leaders attended the meeting.At the meeting, the secretaries of the township Party committees and the county direct industry system party (industry) committee secretaries in turn to report on their duties, the deputy secretary of the standing committee of the organ directly under the county, and the secretaries of the two new working committees of the county party committee to make written statements;The meeting adopts the method of “one comment and one comment”, and the members of the standing Committee of the county Party Committee make comments one by one. The participants also evaluate the secretaries of the Party Committee (Party group) reporting their duties.De-rong tang pointed out that in the past year, the county party organizations at all levels conscientiously implement the jinping new age the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, firmly implement the central, provincial party committee, municipal party committee and the county party committee decision deployment, solid to fulfill party party main body responsibility, bear responsibility, executing duty, the county party construction achieve new progress and new results were obtained in all work.At the same time, there are still some problems and deficiencies in strengthening the party’s construction in the county. For the existing problems, we should attach great importance to, in-depth research, make practical moves, and conscientiously pay attention to the rectification and implementation.De-rong tang’s request, party organizations at all levels to enhance their political stance and comprehensively carry on compaction construction responsibility, profound comprehension established “two”, strengthen the consciousness of “four”, “four confidence”, “two maintenance”, to strengthen the party’s construction as a long-term task, mission as a bear, as a thrift, firmly carry on the shoulder;We need to be problem-oriented and focus on rectifying and strengthening weak links in an all-round way. We need to strengthen our awareness of problems, focus on them, identify the root causes, and innovate new methods to ensure that problems are rectified as planned and with high quality.We must continue to focus on key areas and key issues, comprehensively improve party building, and promote the extension of strict party self-governance to the community level. We must make early plans, make early arrangements, and implement early party building work at the community level, and strengthen supervision and coordination.We need to make good use of results, encourage efficient reporting on all aspects of our work, further unify our thinking and pool our strength, strive to form a strong synergy in our work, promote all-round improvement in community-level Party building, and ensure that the Party’s political responsibility for overseeing the Party and exercising full and strict self-governance is fully fulfilled.Zhang Lihong fully affirmed jiangyong county in a year’s party building work.She pointed out that Jiangyong County party committee attaches great importance to the grassroots party construction work, the county party construction work to achieve new progress, achieved new results.Hope in the New Year, the county party organizations at all levels continue to carry forward the good style, make persistent efforts, in accordance with the requirements of serious rectification, to promote the grass-roots party building work to achieve new progress.Members of the leading group of the party construction work of the county party committee, secretaries of the party committees of the towns and townships and the party (industry) secretary of the county direct industry system, members of the Organization Department of the County Party committee and the director of the grassroots Party construction office of the county Party committee, the head of the inspection group of the county Party committee and the director of the inspection office of the county party committee, the leaders of the towns in charge of the Party construction and grass-roots representatives attended the meeting.