Too high?Sun Haiyang posted Spring Festival couplets to attract thousands of onlookers, such heat is worth praise!

2022-06-12 0 By

As the New Year’s bell rings in 2022, families are preparing for a reunion.And the Sun Haiyang that already took a family to rush back home hubei also already busy rise.For Sun Haiyang, the Spring Festival was a special occasion when he welcomed back his son Sun Zhuo after 14 years.In order to solve the problem of family meals, he also specially to buy a large table.And today, Sun Haiyang is also in his own personal social platform, posted their own Spring Festival couplets posted video.”I used to be afraid of the Chinese New Year, but THIS year I am in a hurry to put it up in advance and wait for the Chinese New Year,” the post said.It seems that for the New Year’s Eve reunion dinner, Sun Haiyang is also a little anxious.After 14 years of searching for a son, the father finally received his reward at the end of 2021.After returning to his biological parents’ family, Sun Zhuo gets along well with them.Her daily life with her sister and younger brother also attracted much attention.The scene of accompanying mother to go out also made us feel the strong affection between mother and son.After Sun posted the video, it attracted many likes and comments from netizens.In the past hour, it has received nearly 100,000 likes.Such heat, compared with some big stars also not not mention much.In fact, since sun Zhuo was found, the family’s situation has become the focus of media and public attention.A previous reunion dinner for the family of five after the eldest daughter returned home attracted more than 100,000 viewers.And sun Haiyang sent out reunion photos, more caused a lot of attention.From an ordinary father wandering on the road of looking for his son, he now has a high popularity, and some netizens have expressed doubts.But if you understand how difficult and difficult it is to find a subgroup, perhaps such doubts will disappear.Under the sun Haiyang family’s heat, more and more parents can find their children lost for many years.These parents, who travel around the country looking for their children, are also getting more attention.In the background of sun Haiyang’s family’s interview with the media, we can always see many faces holding search cards.Years of running, have let their faces, full of vicissitudes of life and the traces of time.And children’s information can spread to more people with the help of the power of the media, which is undoubtedly a great help.Previously, li Fang, a mother from Henan province who had been separated from her son for 24 years, had appeared in sun Haiyang’s interview.Now, she has reunited with her son, Zhang Yangyang, and returned to their hometown in Henan province for the Spring Festival.Li fang said in an interview that she just wanted to rub off on the heat and let her children see that she was still looking for him.In any case, Sun has certainly brought this community to our attention.And let more people get involved in helping these parents who are looking for children.Such heat is necessary, such a high profile should be applauded.Spring Festival is the most important festival for every Chinese.No matter how far the road, the reunion home is always the same topic.Here, we also wish Sun Haiyang and his family a happy life, and hope that the parents who are still not reunited can find their children as soon as possible.