Plans to raid open nuclear food provoke discussion, Ke Jianming apologized and blamed the Kuomintang, get bombarded no moral right

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Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator Guo Guo-wen recently advocated the opening of Japan’s nuclear food imports before the Chinese New Year, causing the KMT dissatisfaction with the DPP’s two-prong strategy, and the legislative body’s temporary review of the total budget was suspended.The DPP legislature allowed the session to proceed only after calling on Ke to apologize specifically for the misunderstanding caused by Kwok’s remarks.But Ke Jianming issued a statement the next day that the KMT was incompetent and brave, giving a false sense of accomplishment.In this regard, the People’s Caucus was furious, ke jian-ming apologized reluctantly, cheap and naughty, this is a standard politician’s face, all the inside face.There is no thought in mind, no moral right and wrong, all actions are to fulfill instrumental purposes.Kuomintang (KMT) lawmakers today (30) said that the last day of the fourth extraordinary session of the 10th session, because of a press release of Guo Guo-wen to open the nuclear food, the legislature made a stir.But after calling on Ke to apologize yesterday, the DPP today used a post to denounce the KMT from top to bottom.The People’s Party pointed out that if Guo guo-wen had not advocated the opening of Japan’s nuclear food imports before the Lunar New Year holiday, there would not have been a people’s Party lawmaker standing on the podium to ask Tsai ing-wen’s office and the Democratic Progressive Party to make it clear.There will be no people’s Party threatening to “change the cabinet” and asking the DPP authorities to face up to it.The People’s Party said, if the DPP’s chief ko Chien-ming thought Kwok was right, why did Ko chien-ming apologize for the DPP on October 28?The DPP can use the DPP’s numerical advantage in the legislature to crush and suppress the People’s Party, right?Isn’t it customary for the majority to bully the minority DPP?Why didn’t they do it on The 28th? Why didn’t they dare to vote on the general budget on the last day of the extraordinary session?The reason is very simple, Guo Guowen committed a political taboo, at the wrong time, said something that should not be said, did something that should not be done, the DPP authorities broke a big game of chess.Ke jianming’s apology is a crisis management, to avoid the crisis to expand, “if Ke Jianming’s apology is just a hypocritical political drama, you win!But this is a temporary victory won by fraud. The KMT will make you pay the price you deserve in the next session. If you don’t believe me, let’s try it.The People’s Party said that if Ke did not apologize on behalf of the DPP on March 28, it would confirm that the DPP authorities will announce the opening of Japan’s nuclear program after the legislature completes the “third reading” of the general budget.Not only surprise the people, according to the remaining time of the meeting at that time, the general budget can not be completed, budget review all over again.The shock to the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party caucus authorities was not as simple as a vote of “no confidence” during the Chinese New Year. I believe Ke Chien-ming will not be unaware of this, nor will the green Camp leaders.Ke jianming, whether it is an assignment or a calculation, apologized to defuse the political bomb, of course, but also have to do.The People’s Caucus sent Ke a message: “If you are not upright, you cannot serve.If words are not sincere, they will not move.”The People’s Party also wants to ask, who are you writing this facebook post to?(Lin Jingxian/Editor) # Taiwan #