What’s the MBTI?By spectrum?

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MBTI personality test: ‘Super accurate’ or ‘pseudoscience’The constellation has always been the most popular topic among young people in social occasions.Today, that position is under threat from MBTI, though there are many differences.How bad is the fire?MBTI has been read 800 million times on Weibo, and groups and memes of various personality types have sprung up on social media platforms.South Korean TV stations have launched reality shows and films on the subject. Even Gu Ailing revealed in an interview that she had taken an MBTI test and the result showed that she was INTJ.These four English letters are not new “Internet slang”, but the abbreviation of personality type.And with its popularity, controversies such as “metaphysics” and “pseudoscience” have followed.MBTI is what?The MBTI is also known as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is a self-reported personality measurement that measures people’s mental activity and personality Type in accessing information, making decisions, and dealing with life.The MBTI was developed by American writer Miles and her mother Briggs and is based on the psychological type theory developed by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.MBTI divides individual behavioral differences into four dimensions, including mental energy orientation, information acquisition style, decision-making style and life attitude orientation.Each dimension includes two directions representing different preferences, namely Introversion — Introversion, Sensing — Intuition, Feeling — Thinking, and Extroversion.Judging — Perceiving.The different preferences of the four dimensions are combined to form 16 personality types.The popular MBTI 16 personality test results fall into four broad categories, including analyst, diplomat, guardian and explorer.Different categories share some similar personality traits. Gu Ailing’s INTJ, for example, was described as an “imaginative and strategic thinker”.Why is MBTI popular?The first MBTI scale was published in 1942 and has been continuously revised and improved since then.MBTI only became popular in the 1980s.Until now, MBTI has once again set off a new craze on the Internet.Why is MBTI popular?It is generally believed that MBTI is easy to operate and spread through binary classification.Instead of using the results of a “questionnaire test” to draw conclusions about the individual, MBTI leaves the decision up to the individual to find and determine his or her own personality type based on the information he or she provides.In the MBTI results, in addition to the personality type, the percentage of each person on each option is displayed, as well as the characteristics of that personality.People can use this coordinate to recognize and analyze their own personality performance.Despite its popularity, the MBTI test has always faced controversy in the academic world.Some scholars believe that the reliability and validity of this test are not ideal.Others argue that the test’s vague description is part of the “Barnum effect” – its description is so vague and universal that it is universally true.In today, there are many people think that a few short questions can not sum up a person, the character of a person is not immutable.Also, MBTI tend to describe only the strengths of the character and not the weaknesses.However, it is probably the MBTI’s relatively simple, gentle approach that has made it popular.Especially in the age of social media, MBTI is often used for self-expression, sharing and socializing.Milvi Emley, associate professor of English at Oxford University and fellow of Worcester College, believes that if not the MBTI, something else will fill the position.”People are eager to understand this self-knowledge that it presents.It presents that cognition in an innocuous, easily digestible way.We were in an incredible pull…You can even name some celebrities or celebrities who are also ENTJ types.It’s a way to create meaning in a chaotic and complex world.”Is MBTI a good way to hire employees or candidates?Since its inception, MBTI has been used for job hunting, recruitment and matchmaking.Emley explores the story behind the test in her book Character Broker: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Origins of Character Training.In the 1940s, Myers and one of the first manpower management consultants in the United States began selling testing to big companies like General Electric, Standard Oil and New York Life Insurance, she said.Companies use it to conduct CEO self-evaluations, interview candidates and assess whether certain personalities should be charged more for life insurance.Later, many job seekers used the test results as their main character marker and used the analytical discourse of MBTI to market themselves.Some secret organizations also use the MBTI test when selecting agents.So is it a good idea for companies to use MBTI to select employees and individuals to use MBTI to plan their career and find a partner?Many netizens remain cautious.Some people believe that psychometrics are only referential in a certain cross section, not diagnostic, and many concepts are widely misinterpreted by non-professionals.Others believe that people on social media platforms are “happy pictures”.Others say it’s just a way to know yourself, for reference only.Some scholars have pointed out that MBTI results should not be taken as the final judgment of personality type, but the questionnaire results should be used as a reference under the guidance of MBTI certified professionals to determine an individual’s personality type.”MBTI can help identify oneself without taking away cognitive freedom and imposing conclusions on others;The MBTI is a useful assessment of personality type, but it does not predict behaviour, attitude, intelligence, ability, job performance, future fortunes or fate.”As for the present, some people are using the MBTI as a new label, which may make things less interesting.People are dynamic people. As the saying goes, “a thousand people have a thousand faces, and a hundred people have a hundred characteristics.”Taking a personality test is easy, but exploring inwards is endless.What do you think?