Check with procuratorial tender | processing small neighborhood disputes

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“Thanks to the procuratorial organs for enforcing the law impartially, let us have a comfortable year, rest assured year!”On a working day shortly after the festival, prosecutors of the Zhalantun City Procuratorate received a banner with the words “Justice and justice, for the people to handle the case tree inspection authority”.What send brocade flag is because of neighborhood dispute, folk contradiction causes the litigant wang Yun of light injury case, Wang Jian (all is alias) younger brother and sister.On the evening of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month a year ago, Wang Jian quarreled with five members of zhang’s family because of trifles, and then fought.It happened that Wang jian’s sister Wang Yun and son Zhao Wei (pseudonym) were passing by, and they were also involved.Mutual entanglement, Zhang mou wrist and Wang Yun eye injuries.Through the public Security Bureau judicial appraisal center identification, Zhang’s wrist for minor injury two;Wang Yun’s eye injuries have not been identified.Zhalantun City public Security Bureau on wang Jian’s criminal case and took criminal detention compulsory measures;Other persons involved in the fight were sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention and a fine of 1,000 yuan.Zhao Wei and Zhang’s sister were punished by administrative detention for 10 days, and the parties applied for reconsideration.During the review and prosecution, the undertaking prosecutor looked up the files and found that only Zhang stated that the damage to the wrist place was caused by Wang Jian, and there was no other evidence to prove that zhang’s wrist loss could not be ruled out as a result of his fall.Therefore, the procuratorial organ made a decision not to prosecute wang Jian in doubt according to law.It is easy for the prosecution to decide not to indict, but the essence of its work is to make the decision to resolve conflicts between the two sides.Since the parties in this case hold different opinions and have deep grievances, in order not to intensify the conflict, the Procuratorate set up a procurator handling the case working group headed by the procurator, specializing in resolving conflicts between letters and visits.After communication between the case team and the party concerned, we learned that Zhao Wei is a fresh graduate of the university. If he is put into administrative detention, he will lose the opportunity to work in a special position.Find contradiction focus, procuratorial organs active docking with the public security organs, judicial bureau, special case symposium, considering zhao the illegal act is indiana’s subjective intentions, subjective vicious smaller, in order to reach to resolve contradictions of social effect, justice ultimately decided to zhao and zhang sister, administrative penalty shall be revoked.Undertake procurator and Zhang for many times to communicate, understand that Zhang on the judicial organs of the handling of the case process there are doubts.The prosecutor for Zhang for many times to explain the law reasoning, the difference between administrative detention and criminal detention and the process of litigation to be told, indicating that the public security organs and all proper, eliminating the doubts in zhang’s heart.Zhang mou said that the occurrence of the case, as the victim of one party indeed fault, after the prosecutor’s patient guidance, Zhang mou initiative to Wang Jian’s behavior expressed understanding.After criticism and education from prosecutors, Wang also realized the harm of his behavior and expressed regret for his impulsive behavior.Wang Yun also agreed not to pursue the responsibility of the other side, issued a letter of understanding for the other side, so far, the two sides shake hands and make peace.Source | justice network editing | Wang Wanying Hulun buir procuratorial propagation rule of energy good procuratorial story hulun buir procuratorial WeChat ID: new media hlbrjcy sina weibo: @ the hulunbuir procuratorial work