Every detail is touching. Wang Qing, an art teacher, pays tribute to the epidemic prevention workers with sand paintings

2022-06-14 0 By

In the face of the epidemic, Many “most beautiful rebels” have emerged in Wangqing County fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control.Skim a fine sand depict retrograde soldier, draw a sand painting to pay tribute to the most beautiful you, recently, a sand painting video that is the theme in order to fight epidemic situation spreads in circle of friends.Chen Hui, the main character of the video, is a teacher at a training institution in Wangqing County. At this special stage, Chen Hui pays tribute to the epidemic prevention and control workers in this unique way.In the video, the sand gently slipped from her fingers, as the sand falls, fingertip movement, a touching picture of the fight against the epidemic presented in front of my eyes.”Since the outbreak, I saw a line of epidemic prevention and control work very hard, is also one of the again moved by a touching scenes, as an art workers, want to through their own art specialty, in a special way to show everybody surmount outbreak determination, pep talk, for a line of epidemic prevention and control staff also to give positive energy to my students,With a small grain of sand, express the heart of this touched!”Talking about the original intention of creating sand painting, Chen hui said that she felt that the frontline epidemic prevention and control workers are using their own lives to protect our home and protect the lives of all of us, so we should pay tribute to them and respect them.”I firmly believe that as long as we stick together, the epidemic will soon be over. Come on, Wang Qing!Yanbian come on!”Just as Chen Hui said, the haze of the epidemic will end, and spring flowers are just around the corner.