Sipg has taken strict measures to prevent the epidemic. Production and operation at the port are as usual, and container ships are not congested

2022-06-14 0 By

Sipg fight disease terminal operations as usual container ship did not see congestion affected by the epidemic, some foreign trade enterprises encountered new difficulties when arranging the goods entering or leaving ports and emergency, the port group launched the emergency response plan for the first time, to overcome the pressure and difficulties, to guarantee the supply chain logistics chain stable and smooth.Recently, the media for port operation have also expressed concern, we noticed that there are individual media issued false reports about severe congestion in Shanghai port, which mentioned in the “Shanghai port delays is more and more serious” “this week, the number of ships in Shanghai port for loading and unloading has soared to more than 300” false statements and the appended drawings, such as certain negative effects on the Shanghai port,Sipg is seriously concerned about this and needs to respond and clarify.According to the internal data monitoring of SIPG group, the current operation of Shanghai Port is stable and orderly, and the berthing efficiency of Shanghai Port is significantly better than the overall level of 2021.Since March 28, the average waiting time for container ships at The Port of Shanghai is less than 24 hours, and the average waiting time for ships is less than 10.At present, all production units in Hong Kong are operating normally 24 hours a day except for extreme inclement weather.Shanghai Port Group will work closely and efficiently to ensure the safe and stable operation of Shanghai Port during the epidemic.