Sword net 3: Level 4 110 Little Orange quick upgrade guide

2022-06-14 0 By

Today, if you friends fall under the jianghu line record experience value, should have gathered enough 78 sealing stone did not gather enough friends also does not matter, you can use the prestige value and jianghu contribution for small orange wu sealing stone, plus preheating activities can change a total of 30!Because at the end of the season, all tokens except for chivalrous will be emptied, if not used up will be converted into gold (very loss), so I suggest friends except for chivalrous things do not save!The war to buy the order to buy, do not buy quickly change the sealing stone!If you don’t know where your money changer is, click on the event calendar and you’ll find leisure events!Came to luoyang under the middle position as shown in figure enough after sealing the stone, or to the old place I stay in Montenegro (ps: smaller than previous orange wu convenient many, don’t have to hide the sword or bully knife), click on the NPC to complete the task to task requires us to play wutong hill, just war is wutong hill on Monday, you can answer the war first, then go to dozen task!Enter the wutong hill, supplies the task has been finished old can see: play to upgrade task, don’t know when to upgrade their branches method that a few words can press P open martial interface (in the post bar to see a lot of friend typo upgrade small orange squash, such as travelling into a lot of, so to see oh) :Ok, today’s strategy here, feel good partners point a focus on a thumbup, grey often thank you