The big seven is down to $70,000 with a double bed

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General Motors Chevrolet Volt, a car that is not very familiar.Chevrolet Volando sold about 11,800 units in 2018, averaging about 2,900 units a month;In 2019, the cumulative sales exceeded 26,500 units and the monthly average sales was 2,212 units.In 2020, the cumulative sales volume is about 10,770 units, and the average monthly sales volume is only 898 units.Cumulative sales in 2021 are about 2,980 units, with monthly average sales of less than 240 units.Chevrolet Volandor has not sold well since its launch, and the market sales have been declining year by year, and now it has fallen to the lowest point!Fewer than 5 units were sold in July 2021, and only 1 unit was sold in November 2021.Unexpectedly, the sales volume in December 2021 is 0, which has been abandoned by the market!Although the current market sales results are ugly, but Chevrolet Volanduo this car still has many bright spots, commendable.Chevrolet WRL is officially listed in late September 2018, when its lowest price is 119000, top-of-the-line models guiding prices for 154000, the overall high cost performance, as a SUV, MPV and car “three categories of transboundary fit” car, car companies new era is defined as a family car, two layout has 5 and 7, 8, wheelbase nearly 2 metersThe rear discharge is a double bed, large space comparable to MPV;The only drawback of this car is the lack of power, all with a three-cylinder engine, leaving many consumers to lament the switch.Not sell moving on sale, Chevrolet worland already opened up “to the price change amount” model, 2020 model light mixed 530 t automatic trouble at version (5) the Chevrolet volan, more as a beggar edition models, price for the new car is close to 140000, comprehensive preferential reference lowest clinch a deal valence is 80000 s only, after the overall high cost performance, it’s a pity that there is no one to make.