To the year of the Tiger, a big wave of good property market has come

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A few days after the start of the Year of the Tiger, many places across the country have introduced various types of policies to stabilize the property market, in order to cope with the downturn in the property market during the period from January 2022 to the Spring Festival.Guangzhou dynamic guidance price, a residential record price broke through 140,000 /m² years ago, Guangzhou came out of the cancellation of price limit policy, these days, the relevant departments in Guangzhou explained that there is no so-called price limit policy relaxation, Guangzhou has been in the implementation of the so-called “dynamic price guidance”.Last year, haizhu a luxury house plate, because of the new house price limit, the project can only sell more than 90,000 /m².Results open direct rob light, after the relationship to buy, and finally all kinds of tea.Pricing reflects the relationship between supply and demand in the market, and coercive price control cannot affect the market.In the end, it creates distortions in supply and demand, resulting in black-market transactions and corruption.It’s always good to come back, it’s inevitable, wasn’t it?After the implementation of new dynamic guidance prices, Guangzhou new house arbitrage space is no longer.A few months ago, some areas appeared a second-hand price inverted phenomenon, the guiding price is directly lower than the surrounding second-hand housing.Some people buy, some people make money.But now want to “hit new” arbitrage in the property market has been impossible.The current housing market downturn, the need to take certain measures to stabilize the market.And real estate record prices generally up, to stimulate the property market sales is adverse.Recently, many real estate prices are higher than before, the price increase is certainly not conducive to sales speed.But the profit of the real estate to promote help, especially before the price limit more ruthless high-end real estate, now the price up, or loss, or profit up.Vanke recently issued the first term of 3 billion yuan of medium-term notes in 2022 with a maturity of 3 years and an issue interest rate of 2.95% per year, which is planned to be used for the construction and development of five commercial housing projects.With an annual interest rate of 2.95%, the cost of financing is shockingly low.Vanke’s genius was to turn itself into a state-owned enterprise early on.For a long time in the past, the average financing cost of private housing enterprises is about three times this.Real estate is a capital game. The financing ability and cost of real estate enterprises basically determine their survival.May be in the beginning, private housing enterprise glory is doomed to be short-lived.The “silver period” of real estate industry is still in, but the “silver period” of private enterprises has passed.Apart from enterprise attributes, Vanke really belongs to high-quality housing enterprises.At present, real estate financing has been relaxed, and high-quality housing enterprises have received more support.On February 8, the two departments issued a document that, starting from January 30, the relevant loans granted by banking financial institutions to affordable rental housing projects with written confirmation of affordable rental housing projects will not be included in the real estate loan concentration management.The real estate market has once again gained positive results. The policy has given a lot of support to the development of the rental housing market, but is it enough?About five years ago, a number of enterprises were incubated due to policies to encourage the development of the long-term rental market. However, as soon as the “eggshell” enterprises broke their shells, one by one they declared bankruptcy.The problem then was that the long-lease business could not find a profit model.Today, we hope to vigorously develop indemnificatory rental housing.It has adjusted its profit-driven model to a locally-led development, targeting new public goods and services in big cities.A number of policy support, but just hit the impact of the epidemic, downward pressure on the economy.It is questionable how much money and resources will be available at a time of widespread local distress…There is another problem to note.Although the real estate market is good, but the real estate enterprises do not seem to benefit.These days real estate stocks to take advantage of a wave of market, high-quality leading housing enterprises are also estimated to repair, but a group of garbage real estate stocks are also following the trend of speculation.First of all, few housing enterprises take the initiative to participate in affordable housing.Some projects require the construction of low-income housing, the total is also very limited.Secondly, the document does not say that the indemnificatory housing in the commercial housing project can be cut off for separate financing, which is actually quite difficult in operation.Therefore, this news should not be good for real estate enterprises, can only be said to support the development of affordable rental housing, and the development of affordable rental housing is the main body of local governments, most of the implementation is definitely local subordinate enterprises.So, no need to follow up on this exaggerated hype.(Photo from Internet)