New Year’s Day spent in the rain, listen to the rain, reading, the day is quite moist

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Lunar New Year’s Day, the moonlight that can tread clear hui is soft and comfortable in our imagination and go, follow everybody to put a few kongming light to let oneself tiger year wish, send sky far, the mood of the sort of happy heat boiling, want to jump up only like the tiger that be about to move, whistler shakes heaven and earth like.However, from the morning heard the sound of rain outside the window, a dense a weak, the rain is falling, but also small silent, intermittent repeated, had to give up to the temple to burn incense for blessing.The old man did not feel like going out on rainy days, so he had to stay at home with her.On the first day of the New Year, my mother would go to temples and land temples to burn incense and worship Buddha, and we would always accompany her.From morning to afternoon are listening to the rain outside the window beating, the sound of rain banana leaves that crackling, and like a burst of firecrackers.Enjoy, can feel at ease to watch books, in the rich and colorful books, I seem to find a kind of happiness, this from the elegant fragrance of the text, once into the heart into the lung, must be fresh and refreshing, like blessing to close to their own, let oneself feel the most beautiful is to enjoy the happy time.Imperceptibly arrived in the evening, the big New Year’s day, we had dinner, feel a little uncomfortable at home again, or decided to bring an umbrella zero distance and clever rain.Although the big night without lively and noisy, but in the jumping strings of rain, seems to be very poetic, the rain as if for us, so comfortable and natural.In the crystal clear rain, we still stepped by rain “clean” the ground, leisurely leisurely leisurely no purpose to walk, the kind of happiness, as if rain moistens the earth as fast zai.