Sanhe: sub-level management has resumed work and production

2022-06-15 0 By

From midnight on March 30, sanhe city, except for the containment area, the management of other areas, the implementation of social control, comprehensive implementation of zoning and grading management, one after another to resume work and school.Mechanical rumbling, excavators, cranes and other large mechanical equipment orderly construction, workers are busy……On The same day, sanhe Yanjiao high-tech zone, a number of construction sites sounded the horn of orderly resumption of work and production.Yanjiao High-tech Zone actively guides enterprises to implement epidemic prevention and control measures, adheres to strengthening quality supervision and work safety in construction sector, and ensures smooth resumption of construction enterprises.Up to now, yanjiao High-tech Zone has 36 housing construction sites and 8 municipal sites resume work and production.The city boundary intersection control is strictly enforced, requiring citizens to leave sanhe City area, by the town (street) to issue a certificate, bayonet strictly check “two permits and one promise”, and registration.Commuters in The beijing-Hebei region must strictly abide by Beijing’s entry and exit prevention and control policies. Commuters returning to Sanhe from Beijing must take an antigen test at the bayonet around the city, and the result is negative before they can enter.Non-beijing-hebei traffic to (return) sanhe, must report in advance, check the trip card and “two permits and one guarantee” at the card entrance, and temperature measurement, registration.Nucleic acid test and antigen test shall be performed at the bayonet. Those who are negative in antigen test shall be allowed to enter and be monitored at home for 7 days by their town (street). Within 3 days after their return, their town (street) shall arrange a special person to conduct nucleic acid test at their home.Schools at all levels and of all kinds, except for senior three and junior three, boarding schools that have not suspended classes will continue to implement closed management. Offline teaching in closed schools (kindergartens) will be postponed, and nucleic acid tests will be conducted once a week for teachers and students who have resumed classes.Commercial stores that meet the requirements of epidemic prevention and control measures in the city area, except the containment and control areas, shall operate in an orderly manner on the premise of strictly implementing temperature measurement, code scanning and mask wearing.Avoid gatherings of people, suspend large-scale meetings and offline training, strictly control mass activities, and reduce gatherings of people. Residents are required to consciously abide by epidemic prevention deployment, actively cooperate with management personnel in public places to implement epidemic prevention measures such as temperature check, code check and information registration, and adhere to the hygiene habits of washing hands frequently and using chopsticks.”Community cadres” and community workers go deep into the front line of prevention and control, and pay close attention to the three lines of defense of “imported lines of prevention and control, grid screening lines, and all media prevention and control lines”.The communities will combine air defense technology, arrange security personnel 24 hours of patrol, timely disposal of all kinds of emergencies.We will strictly manage commuters from the beijing-Hebei region and those coming or returning from the Sanhe River, implement a 24-hour on-duty working system with “one door in and out”, and ensure that people entering and leaving the community carry out code scanning, temperature measurement, registration and wearing masks.Strongly called for the general public is reported to the active prevention, active detection, active, active isolation, vaccination, earnestly implement the “early detection, early reporting, early quarantine and early treatment” requirements, the sustainable use of community radio, television, radio, understood, such as medium, the normalized propaganda to all corners of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, to ensure that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.In addition, Sanhe city plans to resume five urban bus lines in the eastern downtown area on March 31, and gradually resume the operation of the first batch of taxis, and check the operation of the epidemic prevention and control work of vehicles put into operation, and ask the public to actively cooperate with the staff to do a good job of checking and registration.(Correspondent Liu Wei, Ma Haoqi, reporter, Li Bonan, Editor, Wang Jing)