Does the man not discharge essence for a long time

2022-06-16 0 By

It is not good for men not to discharge semen for a long time.Because long-term semen does not discharge, semen will be stored in the epididymis for a long time, and semen concentration is easy to lead to yellow sperm color and non-liquefaction.Moreover, because semen is stored for a long time in the epididymis, it is easy to lead to the formation of semen stasis and epididymal cyst.Moreover, semen is not excluded for a long time, easy to cause the increase of epididymis pressure, induced epididymitis.In addition, men do not discharge semen for a long time, but also affect the normal discharge of prostatic fluid, so that a large amount of prostatic fluid stored in the prostate tissue, easy to induce aseptic prostatitis.So regular spermatozoa, help sperm metabolism, can avoid sperm quality damage.