Wang Sicong’s new girlfriend asks: CAN I always be greedy?Net friend: can be you for a while

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, some netizens posted a video of their encounter with Wang Sicong in Macao on Valentine’s Day. It can be seen that wang’s female companion has changed again, and judging from her facial features, the girl seems to be Shen Jie, an Internet celebrity.In the video, Wang sicong and his partner, both dressed in black, are seen leaning against him, holding a white bag as if asking for advice, while Wang sicong looks somewhat distracted and has no idea what he is thinking.Of course, Mr. Wang certainly didn’t think about running out of money later.Although according to netizens, the store is a well-known foreign luxury goods store, and many of the bags displayed in it are of global limited style, according to Wang Sicong’s writing, it is not a big deal to buy one or two bags, or even the whole store.But please the beauty also need to have a degree, and also see “this Lord” is not worth his blood.It is worth mentioning that Shen Jie and Wang Sicong before the girl is very similar, are pure and innocent appearance eyes, coupled with a black elegant hair, it is difficult to not let a person enchanted.And Wang Sicong and the girl together is also boyfriend power, holding a bunch of roses to each other, envy others.It is reported that The relationship between Wang Sicong and Shen Jie has an inkling.As early as last November, Shen Jie posted a video dynamic on the short video platform. She was holding a bunch of roses in her hands, looking pretty and charming.In the copy, she wrote: “I’m greedy, can it always be me?” It seems that the younger sister is a little flattered and worried about the relationship.Wang certainly won’t tell her exactly what the answer to that question is, but people in the comment section can’t help themselves.The most blunt was the “It was you for a while, it was never going to happen” reply, which may have been so stung that it has since been deleted.However, it is not to blame netizens for making sarcastic remarks, after all, Wang dashao is famous, and he has been with countless Internet celebrities.So don’t look at how attentive he is when he is in love, but as long as the novelty is over, it will be into the cold palace.Just knowing that the outcome is so, there is no lack of girls to go up, not to say anything else, with Wang Sicong association can improve visibility point of view, that is also a female network red people another opportunity!In a way, Wang Sicong is exactly that kind of rich guy who has never touched a leaf.Now, at 34, Mr Wang has lost much of his edge from his youth, but as long as the old man has his back, he doesn’t have much to worry about.So don’t say things like playthings and boredom, those are for us ordinary people.