Binhu New Area launched a crackdown on food safety risks and hidden dangers in catering services

2022-06-17 0 By

In order to effectively protect the health of the masses after the Spring Festival and standardize the order of catering and food operation, the Binhu New District Branch of The Market Supervision Administration of Hengshui City recently carried out a special rectification of food safety risks and hidden dangers in catering and service links.The check adopt the method of random sampling, key check strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, whether workers, health certificate, please in the period of validity, licenses are complete and the public, whether the implementation of food safety management system, food raw materials procurement show me rope ticket is complete, the food processing operation specification, tableware cleaning and sanitation cleaning whether formal, etc.At the same time, law enforcement personnel require operators strictly in accordance with the “Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” “Food service safety standards of operation” and other relevant requirements, according to the provisions of the storage of food, regular cleaning of expired spoiled food.Managers are urged to fully implement epidemic prevention and control measures, and do a good job in temperature monitoring, health code checking, wearing masks, morning check-ups, ventilation and disinfection.Binhu New District Branch will continue to strengthen supervision and inspection, effectively eliminate all kinds of food and beverage safety risks, and better escort the food and beverage safety of the people under its jurisdiction.Source of this article: Hengshui Market regulatory responsibility editor: Ouhaichao