Henan Province 18 cities comment on Zhengzhou Central Plains metropolitan area boss to drive the development of surrounding Xuchang and other places

2022-06-17 0 By

Zhengzhou: the leader of central Plains metropolitan area, driving the development of surrounding Xuchang, Xinxiang, Kaifeng, Luoyang, Jiaozuo and other places.Luoyang: Henan province is not controversial second, can provide not many high-paying jobs, still need to develop high-end manufacturing.Kaifeng: count on tourism, no manufacturing industry, Zheng Bian integration icon can not always wait for Zhengzhou belt.Puyang: The oil is gone, the population is small and the future is bleak.Anyang: heavy industry base, influenced by environmental protection, high pollution and energy limit in recent years, is also on the decline.Hebi: it’s too small. It’s time to return because of coal.Zhoukou: Attracted Foxconn, Angang Icon and other enterprises, human resources hinterland population, good prospects.Zhumadian: Agriculture and industry have also developed well in recent years, and the economic growth has been fast.Shangqiu: The traffic is good, but it doesn’t seem to bring good opportunities to Shangqiu.Xinyang, far away from the Central Plains urban agglomeration, its own industry is too poor, leaving Xinyang Maojian Icon.Pingdingshan: can not rely on coal, the construction of new urban areas is not bad.Nanyang: far from the Central Plains city group, not by the provincial policy attention, now left to the outside world only rotten tail building.Luohe: In fact, the food industry is not bad, but the chassis is small and the population is small.Xinxiang: the family is rich, and the development is good at present.Jiaozuo: resource-exhausted city, Taijiquan, Chenjiagou, Yuntaishan, Qingtianheicon, the urbanization rate is relatively high in Henan Province.Jiyuan: too few people, is a county scale, economic development is quite good.Sanmenxia: Luoyang is one step forward, xi ‘an is one step back, both sides are big men, sandwiched in the middle is very difficult.Xu Chang: Xu Ji, Rebecca, tobacco, flowers and trees, Jun porcelain icon, more private enterprises, is a good city.