How to eat well in the Spring Festival

2022-06-17 0 By

The Spring Festival is our traditional festival, every to this time from the New Year 30 until the beginning of the first month, every big fish and meat is little.We like to eat very much, and we are very happy when we eat, but our body may have problems in the future, or during the Spring Festival, we may have a fire, constipation, insomnia and so on.At this time, we will think about whether the overeating in the past few days has damaged the balance of the body, and want to control the diet in the next few days, but as soon as we go to the wine table to see friends and relatives happy, forget all the worries and start the negative cycle of overeating.So how can you eat well without affecting your body?First, eat before you drink.Drinking on an empty stomach is extremely undesirable. There is nothing in the stomach to dilute alcohol. If the concentration of alcohol in the environment outside the body is too high, the body will increase the burden on the stomach, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable when drinking.Second, try not to eat too much spicy food (but Spring Festival dishes are basically spicy [see]).We often drink water after eating irritating dishes because the concentration of our body fluids is much smaller than that of our diet (mainly nacl plasma concentration).So it’s not that we want to eat, but that our friends and relatives are too enthusiastic that we have to eat. After eating the stimulating dishes, we must drink more water. Don’t be too bothered to go to the bathroom.Third, drink less.Drinks contain a lot of sugar, which is not easy to break down. Drinking too much sugar will not only make you gain weight but also make you sleepless that night.Sugar makes us release dopamine, which when hit a certain amount makes us so excited and hot that we want to run 200 miles to sleep.Fourth, try to eat some fruits and vegetables.There will be a plate or two of vegetables on the big fish table, and there will be fruit in the fruit plate. Try to eat some of them (you can’t always eat meat [look]).There are a lot of cellulose in vegetables and fruits, cellulose can help us clear the intestinal tract away from constipation, the uncomfortable degree of constipation during the Spring Festival can be no less than insomnia, fire ah.Finally, I wish everyone a happy New Year, all the best, step by step promotion, and is not fat eating.