It will be implemented from April 1

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Enacted in the 25th, reporters learned from the Ministry of Public Security Ministry of Public Security “road traffic safety violations scorecard management method” will come into effect from 1 April 2022 said several your common first line pressing button 丨 3 into 1 丨 inconsistent with quasi driving type of vehicle driving 12 points into nine points after holding a call button 丨 2 points to three points not paste conformity inspection mark 丨 buckle 3This adjustment is closely related to the daily travel of the key points are here 1 traffic violations/illegal points adjustment of speeding regulations relaxed motor vehicles driving on the expressway below the minimum speed of 3 points.Motorways and city expressways will give you six points for exceeding the speed limit by 20% to 50%, and 12 points for exceeding the speed limit by 50% or more.Driving a school bus, a medium-sized or above passenger truck, or a dangerous goods transport vehicle that exceeds the prescribed speed by more than 50% on roads other than highways or urban expressways will be given 9 points instead of 12 points.Based on the current legal maximum speed limit of 120km/h, motorways will be able to drive up to 143km/h without scoring points.Reduced point penalty (common) for failing to dodge school bus from 6 points to 3 points;Driving a motorcycle without a safety helmet changed from 2 points to 1 point;The score for violation of the forbidden line will be adjusted from 3 to 1, and drivers will stop temporarily to unload passengers or turn around, greatly reducing the cost of violation caused by driving errors.Not according to the provisions of the suspension of the plate from 12 points to 3 points, such as not according to the provisions of the use of 4 screws fixed, to avoid the problem of the score directly cleared zero;The penalty for failing to check a car and not wearing a seat belt will also be reduced to one point.These behaviors no longer deduct points (common) to conceal, fraudulent means to obtain a motor vehicle driving license;Driving motor vehicles prohibited from entering expressways to enter expressways;Failing to drive or stop a motor vehicle at an intersection according to regulations;No inspection mark or insurance mark is placed on the motor vehicle, and no driving license or motor vehicle driving license is carried with the vehicle.The newly added points deduction item (common) replaces the actual motor vehicle driver to accept traffic violation punishment and score points for seeking economic benefits, 12 points will be recorded at a time.If a truck driving on road changes its registered structure, structure or features without authorization, it shall be allotted one point for each time.Increased score penalty (common) For driving more than 7 passenger cars with more than 50 percent of the approved number of passengers and less than 100 percent of the total number of passengers, increased from 6 to 9 points.Those who drive a motor vehicle and park illegally on expressways or urban expressways will have their points raised from 6 to 9.Those who drive a motor vehicle and make or receive a hand-held phone will get 3 points from 2 points.2 score management system to adjust the country points measures will be introduced in traffic administration teaching points system, to participate in road traffic safety laws, regulations and relevant knowledge and passed the examination, or to participate in the public security traffic administration organization of traffic safety and public welfare activities conform to the qualifications for deducting the score can deduct from the accumulated points the score,A maximum of 6 points can be deducted in a scoring period.Adjust out learning examination system for several times within one scoring cycle driving people filled with 12 points, given their initiative law-abiding consciousness difference, insufficient safety civilization consciousness, traffic administration will learn by extended time, increase the test project, further strengthen the management of these drivers education, supervise and urge its strictly obeying the law, safe driving.The scoring rules adjust a scoring point value file from 12 points, 6 points, 3 points, 2 points, 1 points will be adjusted to 12 points, 9 points, 6 points, 3 points, 1 points which have 7 violations of the 12 points and increase 7 categories of a 9 points violation of the owners must pay attention to/big/home/all/in/see collective mourning!The second black box has been found!Today, the first seven offerings, mourning!The search will continue (source: Xinhua News Agency, CCTV client