Set up 37 important checkpoints in Linping High-speed Railway South Station, guard the “gate” of epidemic prevention and control with all efforts

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“Passengers, please show your health code, itinerary code and 48-hour nucleic acid test report. Those without nucleic acid test report, please queue up orderly to the right of the exit for nucleic acid test…”In the afternoon of April 6, the staff of linping high-speed Railway South station is carrying out epidemic prevention checks on people leaving the station, guiding passengers to the designated area for code scanning, code checking and 48-hour nucleic acid report verification.There is an on-site nucleic acid testing point less than 100 meters away from the exit of the station. Under the guidance of the on-site staff, the outbound personnel who need nucleic acid testing stand in a neat line and conduct nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner.At the south railway station of Linping High-speed Railway, people leaving the station are queuing up in an orderly manner. Medical staff are conducting nucleic acid tests for people leaving the station. At present, the epidemic situation in China, especially in surrounding cities, is spreading in many places, and the prevention and control situation is complex and grim.To quickly to prevent the spread of epidemic chain, protect jurisdiction residents of the masses a safety, for days, flat area in the nanyuan streets in interface in the high-speed rail station, and roads, and other high-speed 37 key point and important one-gallon HangPu deployment Settings for epidemic prevention and control points, and arrange the authority of party members and cadres, community workers and volunteers need 24 hour shifts,Strict screening of vehicles and people entering the area will be carried out to guard the “gate” of epidemic prevention and control.”High-speed railway stations and highway checkpoints are important gateways for epidemic prevention and control, as well as key links in the ‘imported’ prevention. While guarding the ‘small gate’ of communities, we strictly guard the ‘gate’ of entering the city, firmly building a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.”A person in charge of Nanyuan street told reporters that at present, each bayonet on the street has set up multiple points according to the actual traffic flow, people flow and other conditions. Only in Linping High-speed Railway South Station, five epidemic prevention and control points have been set up: ticket office, entrance, exit, nucleic acid testing and antigen self-testing.In conjunction with district-level departments of public security, transportation, health and other departments and volunteers, people entering and leaving the station will be inspected 24 hours a day to ensure that “no one will be missed”.Nanyuan street staff are on duty at hangpu Expressway Linping east exit since the card point set up, Nanyuan street has a total of 26560 vehicles, 35255 people, 1889 vehicles, 2339 people.