The golden wreaths of the mascots of the Winter Paralympic Games perfectly represent the Olympic spirit and traditional culture of China

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Winter paralympic games mascot golden wreaths perfect Chinese flowers and trees garden express the Olympic spirit and the traditional Chinese culture Original xu lian ying (China, Beijing dongcheng district of director of association of the plum blossom wax plum garden virescence management center senior engineer) as the world’s first double the city, Beijing Olympics since the opening, strongly attracted the attention of the world.In particular, the information released by the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games, “The commemorative edition of Bingdundun golden wreath with pine bamboo plum as the theme, not for sale”, once again gave us a surprise.Xu Lianying, a professor-level senior engineer, crowned the winners with crowns made of various branches in competitive sports, which originated from the ancient Greek tradition.When the Games returned to Athens in 2004, the organizing committee began to offer the champions an olive branch with the idea of recreating the glory of the ancient Games.Olive branch as a symbol of the Olympic spirit, has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, for athletes, to get the olive crown woven by olive branch is, is the highest honor.In people’s habitual thinking, many people think that this time the Olympic Winter Games, paralympic mascot golden wreath will still be olive branch as an element.However, unexpectedly, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics mascot Bing Dandan Dwen, snow rong rong golden wreath, is full of Traditional Chinese flower culture and characteristics of the elements of “three friends pine bamboo plum”, its theme is amazing.Ice Dandan surrounded by golden garland, ice Dandan surrounded by snow rong rong golden garland, snow rong rong pine and bamboo plum are also known as “three friends of old and cold” in China, meaning tenacity, modesty and virtue of noble moral character and exuberant vitality. For the Winter Olympics and Paralympics,The pine tree symbolizes the evergreen Olympic spirit, the bamboo represents the modesty and courtesy of the gentleman’s way, and the plum represents the strength, beauty and purity of ice and jade. These are used to express our praise, respect and best wishes to the winning athletes.The golden wreaths of the mascots of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics with pine bamboo and plum as elements carry the fine traditional culture of China and show the spirit of China.It interprets the Chinese nation’s affinity and enthusiasm, and expresses the vision of friendship with the people of the world. It is a confident “goodwill ambassador”, so it is widely recognized and enthusiastically pursued by the people of the world.The golden wreaths of the mascots of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, with pine and bamboo plum as the element, not only have the meaning of softness in firmness and warmth in rationality, but also have rich emotional connotation and broad thought extension.Its creativity not only abides by the Olympic spirit hardcore, but also is endowed with the cultural characteristics of the host country.Since the opening of the Winter Olympic Games, we are constantly experiencing Beijing as a double Olympic city, inspired by too many clever and meaningful creative, perfect expression of this ancient and young Oriental country has the wisdom, grace and tolerance.Around the ice dun dun and snow Rong-rong auxiliary “pine bamboo plum” theme woven into the golden wreath.The Olympic spirit, as the connotation of friendship and goodwill and represented by the olive branch, is consistent with the Olympic spirit and its extension is broader and deeper. It is the unique understanding and more perfect interpretation and expression of the Olympic spirit of the host country, and it is also the “top current” commemoration of the double Olympic City for the world.As far as I am concerned, as the host country, it is the first time to put forward the idea beyond the olive branch but not contrary to the connotation of the olive branch. Let’s applaud this wonderful and meaningful first time!Let the world go forward together!