China women’s volleyball team announced the big list, CAI Bin has no right to decide the selection of players?The exclusion association is well-intentioned

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China women’s volleyball team announced the big list, CAI Bin has no right to decide the selection of players?The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team is ready for the training camp. In particular, there are more than 70 players in the training squad this time, which is the largest list of women’s volleyball team training in history.I believe this will also give new ShuaiCaiBin and his coaching staff, increase the workload is very large, as to the things what is right or wrong, this is not known, may also need to rely on this year as the Asian games and Asian cup to determine such a choice whether reasonable, but there is a news is has attracted the attention of everyone, is the media said,The collection of a list of the Chinese women’s volleyball team was not initiated by CAI Bin, that is to say, as the head coach of the national team, he did not choose the training list of the national team.Many people doubt whether CAI Bin is just a puppet head coach or a transitional head coach. In fact, there is a new head coach in The heart of Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team. CAI Bin is here to take charge of the team, and his power is actually very limited.Unless you choose to lang ping or such women’s volleyball coach Chen zhonghe, please come back, or from international also please some of the more well-known foreign handsome, otherwise you are at home, really can not find out several than bear has a better manager for such a position, and that let’s say these choices seem to seem not especially ones in the short term,Therefore, it is impossible for the Chinese Volleyball Association to take CAI Bin as the interim head coach. Why CAI Bin did not participate in the whole list is mainly because in fact, CAI Bin was officially announced relatively late, and this list has been exposed long ago if you pay attention to the news of Chinese women’s volleyball.That is before the manager selection, the list is actually has already been submitted, i.e. society platoon he actually had a new arrangement, perhaps this year may be more a situation of national teams, because the Chinese team as a whole this year, the game task is not particularly weight, as level of competition in Asia, the Asian games and the Asian cup,In the past, Chinese women’s volleyball team is not pay special attention to, basically will send some of the second team, and even the youth to play this level of competition in Asia, which coincides with select new coach, and now the Chinese women’s volleyball team will likely follow after the men’s volleyball two national teams set up red, blue, and then go to play a different race, makes Cai Binyou more opportunity to investigate more players.In addition, we know that the women’s volleyball league due to the influence of the outbreak of the new champions league, in fact the whole cycle is short, this also let the women’s volleyball team these athletes itself is less, he has made such a large number of athletes to to let them to carry on the training of players, on the one hand is that they can keep good competitive state,On the other hand it can undertake more groups of the contingent of confrontation, this kind of circumstance also is to let the Chinese women’s volleyball team players make up for the lack of our game this defect, I think this may also be on the one hand, the third point is the Chinese women’s volleyball team, in had all right now, the position of the free, including the main in the case of twila injured,In fact, many positions are facing the renewal of the situation.In fact, it is a good choice to let more young athletes enter the list of the national team, so that CAI Bin can have a close inspection of the players. Therefore, although the list is not selected by CAI Bin, but recommended by various local clubs or sports associations, the final decision is made.But the overall train of thought in fact or in the direction of the better let the Chinese women’s volleyball team to develop, we should also believe that has the coach should be able to under the good intentions of society platoon, choose a set of relatively good squad, to play next year’s world championships, this is also China’s Olympic Games in Paris before one of the most important international competition.