Lincang, Yunnan: The original MV “Good Night Lincang” by the immigration police pays tribute to border guards

2022-06-18 0 By

“Stay committed to ringing in the New Year and contributing to guarding border areas.”On the occasion of the Spring Festival of 2022, all the auxiliary police of lincang Border Management Detachment in Yunnan province, who are fighting on the front line of border control and epidemic prevention and control, faithfully stood by the border checkpoint and sent warm wishes for the Year of the Tiger to the motherland and people with their original song “Good Night Lincang”.Military border checkpoints in Zhenkang, Gengma county to the mainland lincang, Kunming key throat.Due to its special geographical location, it has become a front line in the fight against cross-border criminal activities.Along the 290-kilometer border of Lincang, there are many garrison guards like the civilian auxiliary police at the Junsai Station to protect the peace and create the most beautiful night.”I am in the border area. Please rest assured of my motherland and the people!”It is their New Year’s greetings and their vows for the Year of the Tiger.”Good Night Lincang” playing and singing:Zhang jie neon color changing city also became quiet while I’m just a traveler, I still love deeply is how to give up just want to put you written into my song every tossing and turning gently singing for you good night lincang let me sing for you dream song do you like my pulse in my heart always hot for you good night lincang this beautiful pieces you have the most beautiful night worthy of meWith a lifetime to deeply love Yunnan network correspondent Tao Hujing Zhang Jie Wang Yinghong photography report