Talk about the beginning of spring today

2022-06-18 0 By

Looking forward to, looking forward to, the east wind is coming, the footsteps of spring is near, the start of spring today, the time of the start of spring is at 4:51 on the fourth day of the first lunar month in 2022, we usher in the 24 solar terms of the first solar term – Spring.We usher in the first of the 24 solar terms: Start of Spring.The four times of succession is headed by “spring”, and the renewal of vientiane begins with “spring”. The beginning of spring is called “beginning of Spring”.Start of Spring, the first solar term of spring, falls on February 3-5 in the Gregorian calendar, marking the end of winter when all things are closed.In people’s mind, spring is the time symbol of sunny, birds ‘song and fragrance of flowers, spring tillage and sowing, the warmth of that spring undies thin clothes seems to be in front of, the spirit also rises.At the beginning of spring, all things revive, and the Yang qi of the human body also complies with nature, spreading upward and outward.”A year’s plan starts with spring”, a season full of vitality and hope has come.The start of Spring solar term, people welcome spring, worship the spring god, bite the spring, in the cold of spring to start the New Year.The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.Stand, is “beginning” meaning;Spring represents warmth and growth.The 24 solar terms were originally formulated according to the movement of the Stars, starting of Spring when the handle of the Big Dipper points toward the moon.The current solar term is determined according to the degree of the sun’s yellow longitude, when the sun reaches 315 degrees of the yellow Longitude for the beginning of spring, in the Gregorian calendar on February 3-5 each year.In the ganzhi era, the moon is the spring, and the beginning of spring is the beginning of the year. The beginning of spring is the beginning of all things and the meaning of all rebirth, which means that a new cycle has been opened.In the traditional concept, the beginning of Spring has auspicious meaning.The beginning of Spring marks the end of winter when all things are closed and the beginning of spring when the weather is warm and all things grow.In nature, the most striking feature of Start of Spring is the beginning of life.To the beginning of spring, in China’s Tropic of Cancer (huang-Chiangjiao) and its south area, can obviously feel the atmosphere of early spring.Due to China’s vast territory, large north-south span and different natural rhythms, “Start of Spring” is just a prelude to spring in many areas. Everything has not yet recovered, and it is still in winter when everything is closed. Although spring is established, the temperature rises and the earth warms, it still feels cold and warm.As the saying goes, “Spring breeze in February is like scissors”.People still need to pay attention to the work of keeping warm in production and life.