The film version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” kicks off with the return of the director and screenwriter.

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Generally speaking, if the end of the series is an open ending, there will be a second season and a story, even if the remake of the movie also need to wait, but this “Twinkle, twinkle Star” let me really did not think of, not a story and a sequel, a movie first.The movie version of “Twinkle, Twinkle Star” was launched on Feb 14 and instantly became a hot search, sparking heated discussion online.People thought there would be a sequel or a sequel to the show, but it turned out to be a movie, which is true.The poster is hand-painted. In the rainstorm, the girl is standing under the lighthouse, while the boy runs to the girl under the top tower. The caption “This time, I will firmly run to you” reminds people of the plot of the play, and many netizens speculate that the movie version will have a HE ending.The plot of the show, which revolves around Lin Beixing’s rescue of Zhang Wansen, is warm and healing, but also fantastical and romantic, keeping the audience hooked.The Lin Beixing that male friend is off the track passes through accidentally to high school period, Zhang Wansen loves Lin Beixing 11 years, but guard her silently all the time however, every time Zhang Wansen confesses to Lin Beixing, Zhang Wansen can be interrupted accidentally, enter time to be rearranged, Lin Beixing is determined to rescue Zhang Wansen.The ending of Zhang Wansen is difficult for many netizens, who are often interrupted when confessing to the girl they love. But in the end of the TV series, Lin Beixing appears beside a man holding an umbrella for her, and many netizens suspect it will be Zhang Wansen.Netizens said that the official blog has been in business, constantly released the film set of the two starring trivia, originally we only want a special, did not expect to wait for a movie, it is not thought of, since they have been to this, to contact the two leading actors, ok?Combined with the movie version of the poster, maybe the boy is running to the girl to protect her from the rain, because it is an open ending, so many viewers think there will be a second season or beyond, did not expect the first to usher in the movie.The director and scriptwriter of this film still use the same teachers of the drama version. It can be said that this is a Valentine’s Day gift for everyone. Although the director and scriptwriter are clearly announced this time, the cast is not announced.Netizens have expressed hope that it is the same cast, the director and scriptwriter are the same cast, hope that the leading actors can also be the same cast, we all want to see the last two people in love.I don’t know whether the fantasy time will usher in a HE ending, whether Zhang Wansen can wait for his Lin Beixing, whether they can see the future life, these are unknown questions, looking forward to the movie version can be online as soon as possible, let us continue to watch their story.Are you looking forward to the movie?Discuss it in the comments section!