Various measures have been taken in Zhangye to ensure the basic livelihood of the people in need

2022-06-18 0 By

In order to properly arrange the basic life of the poor people in winter and ensure the warmth of the poor people during the winter and peaceful festivals, the civil affairs department in our city took multiple measures to do a good job in the lives of the poor people.Comprehensive trying to solve the problems of difficult people warm for the winter, to affected the difficult people, did not check in heavy construction family, rural strands object, rural empty-nesters, left-behind children, losing family alone on low income families, as the key point, in accordance with the full cover, leave no dead Angle, no leakage one a man of principle, of warm winter comprehensive work produced screening a baseline,Do bottom number clear, the situation is bright, the number is accurate.For the problems identified, the establishment of more than 2,000 separate ledger, the development of targeted relief programs, one by one clear relief measures, so as to save the rescue, should help to help, to ensure the safety of the people warm winter.We made arrangements for providing basic living assistance to people in need during epidemic prevention and control, promptly issued the Emergency Notice on Providing Basic Living Assistance to People in Need during Epidemic Prevention and control, and provided temporary assistance to 4,608 families and individuals from 1,706 households, with a total expenditure of 4.4471 million yuan.For those eligible for subsistence allowances, 330 people from 176 urban and rural households and 23 people from 21 urban and rural households were newly eligible for subsistence allowances.A total of 85.49 million yuan in allowances for subsistence allowances, assistance for people in extreme poverty, and basic living expenses for orphans were allocated in full advance for the first quarter of 2022.We will step up efforts to ensure that people in need spend the winter warm, adopt the model of “funds + materials + services”, and promptly purchase and distribute daily necessities such as cotton-padded clothes, quilts and coal.So far, 9,858 urban and rural subsistence allowances, people living in extreme poverty, orphans, children with no one to support them, the disabled, elderly people living alone, and 24,645 people living on subsistence allowances have been provided.The government distributed 22,000 bags of rice and noodles, 3,144 barrels of cooking oil, 3,304 tons of coal, 56,000 boxes of vegetables, 28,000 boxes of milk, 62,000 pieces of clothing, 64,000 pieces of daily necessities and bedding and 3,649 pieces of epidemic prevention materials, totaling 22.4 million yuan.In accordance with the arrangement of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, we carried out the Spring Festival relief and warmth activities, visited 2,000 families in various urban and rural difficulties, and issued a condolence fund of 1.008 million yuan.Before the Spring Festival, the United Charity Association raised more than 8,000 yuan to offer consolation to 50 families in need while carrying out regular assistance and assistance in Panzhuang Village and Gaomiao Village of Liqiao Township.Increased civil service inspections of safety management, to the city’s rural old-age home, old-age welfare institutions, welfare homes, day care centres and other civil service agencies to carry out the first big check, hidden trouble in safety in a timely manner to eliminate, to carry out the pension institutions, nursing homes and safety management responsibilities, to ensure safety standards pension agency smooth running.