Wonderful Winter Olympics | I am in zhangjiakou core area snow removal

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On February 13, it snowed again in the core area of zhangjiakou competition area.This is a test for the bus team to run on time and safely.Timely snow removal, deicing, is a very important work in the core area.Harbin Snow Wolf snow removal Machinery Co., Ltd. is responsible for this work.Hebei Daily reporter undertook exclusive interview to its person in charge.

Reporter: 12th to 13th this snow is still continuing, how is your work?Jinghua Hu: I have five walkie-talkies in my car, connected to different departments.Take the 13th snow, for example, weather forecasters have communicated detailed information about wind, arrival time, severity, temperature and so on in advance.We arrange what car operation, how many units, whether cycle operation.For example, the forecast is about 4:00 a.m. on the 13th, and we are on standby at 1:00 a.m.We need to make a lead.Reporter: do this advance quantity arrangement, is it related to the local climate condition?Jinghua HU: Yeah.The temperature difference in Chongli is quite large. The highest temperature in the day is 5 degrees Celsius, but at night it can drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius.The snow here is lighter and contains more water. It melts when the temperature is high during the day and freezes quickly at night.Even a one-square-metre chunk of ice on a steep slope on roads leading to venues such as Genting and the National Ski Jumping Centre can cause a car to skid.Snow removal is underway in the core area of Zhangjiakou Competition area.Reporter: What special equipment has our team prepared to deal with this kind of situation?Jinghua Hu: We brought 48 pieces of equipment with the functions of clearing snow, breaking ice, breaking ice, scraping snow, digging ice and so on.Some of these machines are specially designed and built for special sites in the core area.For example, the conventional two-drive snowplow can not reach part of the yunding section, so it has to use four-drive, six-drive and full-drive vehicles.In addition, considering the narrowness of some sections, we also adopted sliding engineering machinery, which can make a 360 degree turn in place.Reporter: Why not use snowmelt?Ms. Hu: We are responsible for removing snow and ice from 600,000 square meters of the core area, which is about 80 kilometers long based on 7.5 meters of road width.If snow melt agent is used, the snow will turn black after melting on the roadside, which is not in line with the requirements of the green Olympics and not beautiful.We all use mechanical snow removal, which will increase the workload, but we have to make the snow move, snow falls immediately clear.Reporter: The core area of different sections and ice and snow, whether the clearance method is also different?Jinghua Hu: Yes.The core area has artificial snow floating on the road, snow blown on the road by the wind, natural snow and snow melt ice to be dealt with.For example, there are 400 meters of 30-degree slope and the slope is cloudy. The snow here will freeze as soon as it melts, so we have to clear it quickly.In addition, the cloud top area has a microclimate, sunny elsewhere, here may also fall snow, have to deal with separately.Reporter: By February 13, your team has cleared several large snow, which day was the most difficult?Jinghua Hu: We entered the core area on November 20th last year. So far, we have cleared 15 shows.The most difficult thing was that on January 30th, the snow fell to the maximum between 17:00 and 19:00, and the wind blew the snow, and it was the evening peak of the traffic operation in the core area. We could only work in the interval, but still ensured the smooth road.(Baiyun from Hebei Daily)