Bonhams/xu hui/gold base business/Helen fort elegance in the | to grab investment opportunities, move large wealth

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As the saying goes, “one shop to raise three generations”, investment in shops, now is still a clever investment, but to buy shops this matter has a lot of attention.No matter be investment ace, or new jin xiaopai, want to buy good shop, must see far, see fine.How to “shop” good living wealth road, sit to enjoy the great wealth of shops.Baolong/Xuhui/Jindi/Hailenburg Fenghuali five-in-one mong Shop, “center shop + school district shop + community shop + high-quality shop + street shop”, five “shining points” in one, multiple advantages, to stand out, help you leverage great wealth.Rendering | are for reference only center shop – business is developing nuclear city wealth magnetic field at the center of the plate, multiple scarce resources gathered in one place, makes value maximum, as the core of the city center, always has a strong magnetic field effect, attract wealth.Bonhams/xu hui/gold base business/Helen fort elegance in the ZeZhi liuhe town core, holidays with led the city about 700000 consumers, the longemont city is pithy, with vertical liuhe avenue and horizontal double main male state road, setting the transportation hub, harvest wealth districts, amidst the city guards liuhe gold crossroads, tong took eight party funds,It is close to Xiongzhou Station of Subway Line S8 and Line 14 (planned), and only subway line S8 has an average daily flow of more than 120,000, which brings massive financial resources for shops, occupies the golden location of Liuhe and enjoys the bright business opportunities in the future.In the era of knowledge to promote economic development, education industry for school district shop to bring more and more business opportunities, with a school district shop, has been a lot of investment veteran “winning magic weapon”.Bonhams/xu hui/gold base business/Helen fort elegance in the adjacent to liuhe experiment elementary school and motivate them to school, over four thousands students needed for household consumption, not only we have main consumer groups of mass is given priority to with students, more set a host of the school faculty and with the parents, under the blessing of the school, every year new students, represents a group of new potential customers,Sit to enjoy a large number of customers, the tide of money.With the rapid development of community business today, the planning of community shops is particularly important.Even if the whole world can pay for mail, people still have to go downstairs to live.There are 26 large residential communities within 1km of Fenghua Rio, radiating over 45,000 high-quality consumer groups. It has a place that owners of surrounding communities must pass through every day, enjoying a continuous and stable flow of people. With the increase of surrounding residential groups, the passenger flow will become larger and larger.Fenghuali can meet the daily consumption of surrounding community owners such as eating, drinking and shopping, with unlimited business opportunities.High-quality community shop as an indispensable part of daily life, and high-quality consumer groups have unique advantages in close distance, high order resource customer group, drive consumption flow, residents are potential customers, do not worry about popularity.Baolong/Xuhui/Jindi/Hailenburg Fenghuali is backed by the high-end owners of Duhui Fenghuayuan, occupying the community mouth of high-quality consumer groups, seamlessly connecting the huge consumer groups, meeting the daily consumption needs of the community, providing stable mainstream consumer groups for shops.The whole age consumption system provides strong consumption support for commercial operation.Schematic Street shop – the golden area of flexible housing with varied business forms bears the stable consumer tide, while “Linjie” keeps the fresh commercial blood for shops. As the only place for people to travel, linjie shops can always guard the consumption moving line and seize the consumption horizon in the first time.Rendering | are for reference only bonhams/xu hui/gold base business/Helen fort elegance in the area of more than 1-2 f section of a variety of options, high room rate, high cost performance, shop store street, face to face with customers, “broadcast” for pedestrians, popularity can be repeatedly used at the same time, promote business benefits, more conducive to business management.Fenghuali is adjacent to baolong Square (under construction) of about 175,000 square meters, which can radiate more than 700,000 consumers in the surrounding area. With complementary brand formats, fenghuali attracts diversified consumers, including high-end luxury shops, brand chain stores, brand education and other business formats.Regional dividend is obvious, with a large number of passengers, a variety of business space, a seat of gold absorption prosperous shop, let your wealth further.