Chinese Painting by Sun Guocai (16)

2022-06-19 0 By

Editor’s note: Spring, blooming season of warm sun, warm wind, blowing away the cold winter, blowing open people’s vision.Today, sun Guocai’s Chinese painting works (16) met us.This collection of 18 flower and bird paintings, reflecting the author’s recent creative trends and artistic pursuit.The famous painter Wang Xuetao once said, ~ the content of a painting is good, but there must be interest to move people, to draw life, the painter should be emotional.~ ~ seize nature and remove the spirit.~ borrow goods consignment, edge to write heart.The understanding and love of life are entrusted to the images under the brush, and give the audience a sense of beauty.The birds on the branches in early spring, the small fish swimming in the lotus pond in summer, the red leaves dyed with frost in late autumn, the plum blossom on the ice and snow cliff in winter…The artistic beauty of nature, which turns nature into nature, appears on paper.He expresses his feelings with his brush, and at the same time enlightens the viewer’s heart with his interest in painting, which resonates with the viewer.Introduction to the painter: Sun Guocai, alias Shiming.Yancheng, Jiangsu province, graduated from Yancheng Teachers College art education in 1978.For decades, his works have participated in the city and county-level art exhibitions for many times, and many works have been seen in the newspapers.Here is his recent Chinese painting works.Spring spring is in the air in the long pond, the wind is warm, the birds are chirping in the secluded valley, the spring breeze is on the peach branches, the night is quiet, the mountain is empty, the pond is full of rain