Shunyi Renhe town concentrated demolition of 19 illegal construction

2022-06-19 0 By

Since this year, Shunyi District Renhe town to eliminate the sixth ring road and the airport around the hidden danger warehouse as the focus, completed 19 areas within the jurisdiction, covering an area of 122,300 square meters of illegal construction, to promote the “create basically no illegal construction town” work.Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that 19 illegal construction of brick and steel houses, and did not obtain a rural planning project permit, not only affect the overall environment, but also many safety risks.Dismantling scene, large machinery and sprinkler vehicles work together to ensure the safety of construction while sprinkling dust, effectively avoid dust pollution.According to the mayor of Renhe town Zhou Jinghui, in order to smoothly promote the demolition and creation of no work, Renhe town held the creation and creation of no work deployment, developed the renhe town demolition and creation of no special action plan.At the same time, the establishment of special class of township work, clear division of responsibilities of each department, the formation of the “Party committee leadership, the government is responsible for, department coordination, linkage up and down” operation mechanism, and in accordance with the “centralized demolition + sustainable governance” combined mode, to promote the basic construction of no unauthorized town.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Bin editor MAO Yu