Sun Nan: a generation of singers will sing, to marry three women abandoned buy red sister, let Wang Han face disgrace

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Together with Liu Huan, he was once one of the “four Heavenly Kings of the Mainland”, together with MAO Ning, Xie Xiaodong and Liu Huan. His powerful voice and outstanding singing skills made him a dominant singer in the music industry in the 1990s.He is the singer Sun Nan.Sun Nan was born in Dalian, Liaoning province. At the age of 16, he was admitted to dalian Baihua Art Troupe with his unique voice.In 1990, Dalian held a city-wide karaoke grand Prix, and Sun nan won the first place with her outstanding performance.However, the organizing committee of the competition did not recognize this result, and wanted him to take the initiative to give up the first place. He refused to accept the award and left on the award stage, and the competition was cancelled for a time.Dalian’s cultural bureau later banned Sun from performing on the city’s stage for the next three years.In this way, he was forced to drift north.The Sun Nan after arriving in Beijing, the appreciation that got gu Jianfen teacher fortunately, join central song and dance group formally (Gu Jianfen art center), walked on the road of professional singer from this.In 1996, Sun Nan burst onto the mainland market with a single “Red Flag Fluttering”.I do not know whether people borrow the light of the song, or the light of the song borrowed from people. After the release of the song, Sun Nan and “Red Flag Fluttering” became popular across the country, which also became his first pop gold song.Followed by the Spring Festival gala program to Sun Nan issued an invitation.Sun made his debut on the Spring Festival Gala in 1997, when he sang “1997” with tian Zhen and Han Lei, among others, and his fame on the mainland has been well established ever since.Over the next few years, hits such as’ Be There or Be Square, ‘ ‘Rescue’ and ‘You Come Back Soon’ propelled him to the top, and his voice, high, clear and smooth, became one of mainland China’s most popular male singers.Even his teacher Gu Jianfen thinks highly of him, saying, “He will be liu Huan’s rival in the future.”Very successful Sun Nan on 02 career, emotional life is in a complete mess however.After nine years with his wife, he divorced after cheating on his wife.2000, the career of Sun Nan just goes on the right track, spread he and sketch queen buy the flash marriage message of red younger sister.This caused quite a bit of attention at the time.And speak of this paragraph of feeling at first, Sun Nan blunts to fall in love at first sight to her as early as 5 years ago, at that time buy red younger sister and Guo Donglin partner Spring Festival gala sketch “something you talk”.Because the sketch is humorous and interesting, and buy red sister looks outstanding, temperament and good, overnight became a household sketch actor.And right now Sun Nan just began to march inland market, fame is far inferior to buy red younger sister.When he first saw the hot girl on the screen, he was attracted by her beauty and decided to marry the actress.Later, his career rose and became a frequent guest in various evening parties and variety shows.In 2000, Sun Nan was invited to participate in a program called Century Joy City, and Mai Hongmei was the host of the program.In the program, he is met for many years in the heart of the goddess, this kind of excited mood makes Sun Nan can not wait to show that he loves her for many years.Because admire the talent of Sun Nan, buy red younger sister also did not refuse, such two people know only 20 hours, produced the idea of marriage.After marriage buy red younger sister to put down his career to take care of the family, Sun Nan is in the popularity of the mainland is higher and higher, two people often show affection before the media, became the model husband and wife recognized inside the circle.However happy day did not maintain how long had a crisis, often the Sun Nan of social intercourse fell in love with play golf this sport, also knew pan Wei of golf program host among this.Later he is more often early and late return, the contradiction of two people is more and more.In March 2009, after buying red sister gave birth to a second child, Sun Nan and she put forward a divorce, turned and married pan Wei who had two marriages.In the outside world, the marriage of two people seems to have no big problem, but in fact, when buying red sister pregnancy Sun Nan and Pan Wei already had an affair, in the face of such a situation, Pan Wei actually also publicly said he was a “dare to love dare to leave” the true man.Betrayed, Maihongmei at one point wants to commit suicide by jumping into the sea, but with a son and daughter, she can only admonish herself not to do stupid things.Can be in the second year after the divorce, Sun Nan in order to fight for custody of the two children, said to buy red sister derailed, she a paper complaint to the court.Finally after a “pull”, daughter to buy the custody of the Treasure Yao sentenced to buy red sister, son sentenced to Sun Nan.After 03 derailed event, Sun Nan’s public praise instantaneous reversal, he became everyone’s unfaithful, cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man became his pronoun.Although his career is in decline, he still has some influence in the music industry.In the following years, he also appeared in a number of music variety shows, but the response was lukewarm.In 2015, her temporary withdrawal from “I am a singer” made headlines on weekends.When Wang Han was preparing to announce the elimination list of the first round of the competition, Sun Nan suddenly raised the microphone and said that he decided to give up the final round of the king of song competition.This temporary stage accident, once let the program group at a loss.Fortunately, Wang Han’s timely response brought the program back on track.Final final end Han Hong becomes ultimate song king, and the biggest focus that night is Sun Nan.Later, Sun Nan responded to his withdrawal, but instead of reflecting on it, he claimed that Wang Han should thank me.After that, he also slowly disappeared from the audience’s view.Until The Chinese Academy of Education was closed because of violations, Sun Nan’s name was pushed up a hot search.In 2019, Sun nan and Pan Wei jointly decided to send their daughter Mai Baoyao to an all-female German school that does not recognize academic qualifications.The teachers in the school have no qualifications, and the school does not have any educational qualifications. The students only receive a series of female moral education, such as needlework, three obedients and four virtues.The incident caused a great uproar, in the face of netizens’ doubts, Sun Nan responded that her daughter is voluntary, but her daughter Buy Baoyao was joking when she went to school, “I am going to the heaven in the mouth of parents, students in the eyes of hell.”And Pan Wei claims to be for the traditional education of her stepdaughter, the family moved from Beijing to Xuzhou, living in a cheap room with 700 monthly rent, no problem a pair of willing to sacrifice their own posture for “daughter”.Later a net friend raked out, Pan Wei and her ex-husband’s daughter had been sent to study abroad, and buy Treasure Yao has wasted three years of good time, missed the formal education, even diploma, the net friend called “really had a stepmother to have a stepfather”.Nowadays, Sun Nan is still active from time to time in music program, even if he is a respected elder on music career, but the heart is haughty he still loses his public praise step by step after all.What do you think about that?– END — Original is not easy, please pay more attention to, like, comment more interaction, update faster oh!MAO ning: be stabbed by knife expose scandal, low when lucky encounter CAI Ming!Sun Nan: a generation of singers, to marry three women abandoned to buy red sister, let Wang Han face disgrace in public