The second step of the game in Kimen Dun: Platoon territory (2)

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Fellow friends everybody is good, very happy to meet with you again, “declared that” all the knowledge about the special dun armour, is I can understand the knowledge of the study, if there is poorly written, or and you know, I hope you don’t mind, I’m just in the learning phase, hope learning high teacher in the comments and corrections,Thank you!In the last article, WE talked about the first step of the game in Kimen Dun Armor.That today, and we continue to learn, the second step: platoon site.In the last article, we talked about Yin Dun and Yang Dun. When we arrange dishes, we should follow the law of Yang and Yin and inverse, and arrange three strange and six instruments in the nine grids.The three strange and six instruments as we said in the previous chapter, the three strange and six instruments: Wu ji, Geng Xin, Ren GUI.In other words, the nine symbols other than a are three strange six signs.This game we use is Yin Dun, so the arrangement is in the ninth grid in reverse arrangement.Forward layout is 123456789, backward layout is 987654321, at this time we arrange the method is forward layout six devices, backward layout three odd.Namely: pentanedium, hexanedium, n-dibutyl, c.At this point we filling sequence is: hepatitis b c g Ding Renxin yourself Decyl well, friends, today and you talk a little less, although less, but inside a lot of knowledge, I’m sure someone will, forget we talked in front of three, six, or Yang dun and Yin dun scratchable latex, you don’t try so hard, slowly come on!