Xilinhot Bureau of Justice welcomed the first supervision group of xilinhot’s political and legal organs’ big discussion

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On March 14, 2022, the first supervising group of the discussion activity of “Welcoming the 20th National Congress, Optimizing the Law-based Business Environment and Ensuring High-quality Development of Services” of Xilinhot Municipal Political and Legal organs visited The Bureau of Justice of Xilinhot to conduct on-site supervision and evaluation of the completion of various tasks in the stages of learning, education, discussion and inspection.Teams to a line through the debrief, discussion, communication, access files and other forms of municipal judicial bureau big discussion activity arrangement deployment, focus on typical case study, education, open the door and, control review, comments rectification detailed inspections on specific work, such as the comment parameter, corrective actions and progress, leadership and team member review materials, and other key to view.Teams said that combining the justice department “for twenty big, optimization of the rule of law to do business, service, guarantee high quality development” the big discussion activity highlights, clasp optimization under the rule of law to do business in the main line, based on the task to promote a comprehensive and meticulous, set full cover, no funnelled, fully highlighted the role of the judicial administrative functions in the optimization of business environment.Build the rule of law for the further business environment, protection, development of private enterprises to be closely combined with functional responsibility and enterprise put forward the opinion of the suggestion, further deepen the contrast examines, stone cutting, precision analysis, put forward feasible measures, targeted, ground, make sure to do the rectification in place, and respond to business demands in place.It is necessary to continuously promote open door admonishment, further promote typical case education, and comprehensively promote external publicity, so as to lay a solid legal foundation for improving the development of enterprises.Combining the justice department will closely around “greet the twenty large, optimization under the rule of law to do business and service quality development” the big discussion activity theme, pays special attention to open the door, ready to promote renovation, do a good ambience, discuss the use of good, do a good job in its findings, solve practical difficulties, the enterprise is the escort service guarantee high quality development,We will ensure that the people feel the results of the judicial and administrative system in optimizing the law-based business environment.(Contributed by the Justice Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region)