Annual income of 300,000, turned to the wuling, large space, high configuration, can support the scene

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My hometown is a tourist city with good development, which makes me interested in the tourism industry, so I opened a travel agency in my hometown with the support of my parents.In the peak tourist season, my travel agency is quite profitable. After these years on the right track, the travel agency can bring me more than 300,000 yuan of income a year. After deducting other miscellaneous expenses, my net income is nearly 200,000 yuan.So I decided to expand my business and started taking on more tour groups and talking to more hotels.But in the process, I realized that the Baojun 730 wasn’t enough, and I needed a more showy car for meetings with hotel executives and other industry executives.At that time, I bought Baojun 730, mainly because it has many seats and is more reliable and affordable. We will inevitably meet the situation of picking up tourists when we open a travel agency, and it will be very convenient to have a car.So now when I am ready to switch to a more upscale car, the first thing I consider is a multi-seat model similar to the Baojun 730.Therefore, I initially targeted the Trumpchi M8. The design of this car is really quite advanced, and it has a lot of energy.In the process of actual experience, I also think trumpchi M8 is good, with high configuration and comfortable ride, so I gave trumpchi M8 deposit at that time.But I ended up unsubscribing to the Trumpchi M8 in favor of the Wuling Capgemini.I finally gave up trumpchi M8, mainly because I thought the price of this car was relatively high. The configuration I liked at that time was priced at more than 250,000 yuan, which was basically 300,000 yuan less if other costs were included. But I think it is a little expensive, so there is no need for that for the time being.Wuling Capgemini, I do not have this problem, its top model only more than 110,000.In addition, Wuling Baojun is owned by SAIC-GM-Wuling. I have been the owner of Baojun 730 before, and now I naturally have some potential favorable impression on Wuling Capgemini.At that time, I paid attention to Wuling Capgemini. When I was driving baojun 730 maintenance, I was wandering in the hall and came across it by chance.At that time, I thought the shape of Wuling Capgemini was very grand. There was a lot of chrome plating on the front face to decorate the front grille. The car used split headlights and suspended roof on the side.I think this design is in line with my aesthetic concept, usually open to meet customers, receive customers, will be more face.Of course, I should not only look at the appearance of the car, but also consider the space. After all, I run a travel agency, and it is inevitable to pick up tourists after changing the car. Only a car with large space can guarantee the ride experience of tourists, so that tourists can leave a good impression on me and my travel agency.Wuling Capgemini is quite large in space, with a length of nearly 4.9m, a wheelbase of 2.8m and six seats.I’ve tried to sit in the second and third rows without feeling cramped.When I received a group of six tourists, they sat in the car of Wuling Capgemini, and they did not say that the car space of Wuling Capgemini was too tight.In addition, tourists say the Wuling Capgemini has high interior features, which they say give them a better experience.At that time, a tourist fell asleep in the car, and I turned on the air conditioner temperature. Her friend was afraid that she might catch a cold after falling asleep, so under my guidance, she took the initiative to lower the air volume of the air conditioner outlet in the back seat of Wuling Capgemini, so that the cold wind would not blow directly on the sleeping person and avoided catching a cold.If a tourist doesn’t bring a charger and his or her mobile phone is out of power, he or she can also find a USB port in the back row, and use the USB port to replenish the battery for his or her mobile phone, so that they don’t have “battery anxiety”.Finally, I would like to say that Wuling Capjie can be competent for the task of Trumpchi M8 by considering the appearance level, space and configuration, and the key price is much lower.(Submitted by Netizens)