Inner Mongolia 12 league city GDP announcement, do you know chifeng rank?

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, Inner Mongolia’s cities in 2021 annual GDP list released, Chifeng City in 2021 TO achieve A GDP of 197.51 billion yuan, ranked the fourth in the region.In 2021, the GROSS domestic product of The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will exceed 2 trillion yuan, with a specific value of 2.051.42 billion yuan.Ordos achieved A GDP of 471.57 billion yuan in 2021, leading the league among the 12 cities in the region.Baotou achieved A GDP of 329.03 billion yuan in 2021, ranking second among the 12 cities in the whole region.In 2021, Hohhot achieved A GDP of 212.14 billion yuan, ranking third among the 12 cities in the region.In 2021, Chifeng achieved A GDP of 197.51 billion yuan, ranking the fourth in the whole region.Compared with the same period last year, it increased by 21.15 billion yuan, the fourth largest increment in the whole region, and the nominal growth rate was 11.99%.Source: Chifeng Daily