The Federation of Trade Unions of Tumed Left Banner in Inner Mongolia carried out Spring Festival condolence activities in distressed enterprises

2022-06-20 0 By

Recently, Inner Mongolia Hohhot Tumed Left Banner trade Union consolation group went deep into the difficult enterprises to carry out the Spring Festival condolence activities, to send them to the party and the government as well as the care and warmth of the trade union organization, and extend the best wishes for the New Year.Condolences group successively to ChiLeChuan tourism co., LTD., Inner Mongolia grand industrial equipment manufacturing co., LTD, tumed left flag every year more than agricultural development co., LTD., tumed hotel co., LTD., Hohhot yongan machinery manufacturing co., LTD., Inner Mongolia good food co., LTD. 6 difficult enterprises sympathy, were sent to 110000 yuan solatium.Everywhere, condolences group were deep in conversation with, head of the enterprise, understand the production and operation of an enterprise, interpret the party’s policies and measures for enterprise propaganda, encourage them with the help of the party and the government and the trade union organizations and their efforts, firm the confidence, overcome difficulties, efforts to create a better tomorrow enterprise, at the same time important safety production this string always cannot relax tense,Raise safety consciousness earnestly, ensure broad workers to spend a safe, happy Spring Festival.(Song Rihong)