Super cost-effective choice, test drive Jetway X70 Plus

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Does the same principle apply to expensive luxury goods?Different people have different answers.However, from a comprehensive perspective, the value of a product obviously includes not only the use value, but also the brand value.For example, if you give your little sister a putian fake, even if the quality is better than the real one, if your little sister finds it, it will probably be a slap in the face.Cost-effective products are the extreme contrast of luxury goods, many late-comer brands tend to choose cost-effective route to expand the market due to popularity reasons, for example, Chery’s sub-brand Jietu.Actually, when I learned that express way X70 Plus (image) | | configuration inquiry will start at only $77000, I was shocked, which is the ratio of ah, this is his mother to open the door, the ratio of cost performance ratio of home.The Jetto X70 Plus, with a length of 4749mm and a wheelbase of 2745mm, is a typical mid-size SUV.Power level, can be equipped with 1.5T and 1.6T two engines, the former maximum power has reached 156 horsepower, daily driving is absolutely enough;These alone are enough to make the grass grow.On closer inspection, the 10.25-inch screen, CarLife, one-click lift for all Windows, rear air vents, PM2.5 filters, and more, all appear on the gateway X70 Plus.The top-of-the-line Jetto X70 Plus, with a more powerful 1.6T engine and a 7DCT wet dual clutch gearbox, costs just $139,000.Jietuo X70 Plus also L2.5 level of intelligent driving assistance system, 360-degree panoramic image, wireless charging, front seat ventilation heating, panoramic skylight, inductive electric luggage compartment, AutoHold and so on a number of configurations said: “brothers, children only choose, you and I all want!”In fact, the configuration is just jieway X70 Plus cost-effective on the one hand, it is also “malicious” cost-effective.When I first saw the Jetway X70 Plus, its wide mouth and sharp headlights seemed to say, what do you see?When I got to the back of the car and saw the exhaust coming out from both sides, well, it was really hard.Still, the Jetway X70 Plus is not a reckless design.Its air intake grille is said to have been inspired by the layered tiles of Hui-style architecture, and its headlights are called overhead headlights.Have a cup of tea and taste it.To the side, the most attractive to me is the C-pillar, upturned shape quite chic.And down at the hub, and domineering.The rear of the car is also two senses, the rear row is one feeling, the taillight is one feeling.This can not help but let me sigh, is this the legend of the people see people love gentle stud?And when I opened the door, I almost fainted because of the aroma on my face. I even hesitated. Did I take the wrong car?The steering wheel with luxurious car temperament, the double screen and the central channel air conditioning screen with full technology, the large area of leather package and chrome plated knob and lever, to tell the truth, only our own brand can give this level of interior decoration for about 100,000 yuan!When I got into the driver’s seat and tried to reposition my seat, I found it on the door panel. Hey, this is exactly like a famous German luxury brand design.The jetway X70 Plus seats are made of plenty of material and comfortable, like a sofa.They say men like to sit alone in the car before they get home, so you can sit in this seat a little longer.Finally, I pressed the equally luxurious start button to see if the Jetway X70 Plus was a good value to drive.What I got was a sub-top-rated five-seater for $127,000 with a 1.6T engine and a 7DCT wet transmission, 197 HP and 290 NM of peak torque, as good as any 2.0T.On the first foot, though, the Jetway X70 Plus didn’t give me much of a sense of power.Then step on a little bit, it began to suddenly mad, give me a casual Xiama Wei, good or bad oh.This initial style of training, you really need to get used to it at first, but once you get used to it, you guys, it’s the feeling you want.But to be clear, the car is not well suited for aggressive handling, especially when the gearbox is half a beat too slow to downshift when the accelerator is pressed hard.After all, as a family SUV that is all about space and utility, I don’t think many people would take it for corners, and the sheer power of its 1.6T engine makes it very relaxing to get out of the way, whether driving gently in the city or cruising on the highway.If you need to slow down, you will find the jetto X70 Plus braking system is not quite the same as the power, the early stage will give enough braking force, let a person feel very safe.However, although the steering wheel shape is good, it feels light when turning, and it feels a bit like an electronic toy. It would be better if some force feedback could be appropriately added.To be honest, I didn’t have much hope for the Jetto X70 Plus chassis quality, after all, at this price, it’s not realistic to ask too much.In city road tests, the Jetway X70 Plus was able to handle pretty much any minor bumps, with occasional big bumps and a modest bounce.So I decided to continue testing the jetway X70 Plus on a suburban road.At this point, I used the intelligent voice recognition system to type in a location I knew well, and the result was a bit awkward and slow.Fortunately, the chassis quality of Jetto X70 Plus still surprised me when driving on bad roads, and the body can remain quite stable after continuous ditches.The surprise completely covered up any shortcomings of the engine’s slowness.Test drive to this heart with emotion, cost-effective, I refuse to accept the wall, jietu X70 Plus.Owning a car does bring great convenience. For example, when I was driving jetu X70 Plus on the outskirts of Shanghai, I happened to come across a strawberry garden and experienced the fun of picking strawberries at work.Imagine, if there is no car, I from home to strawberry garden across dozens of kilometers of distance, take a bus to several hours, how to talk about fun?In the past two years, I have test-driven many expensive cars.However, I know very well that the post-1995 generation like me, who have not been working for too long, are obviously out of reach by relying on their own strength.In fact, Jetway X70 Plus does not lose as the ideal choice of life’s first car, only need to spend a little money, you can enjoy a high value, this is not the current many young people just need it?So, what more bikes?Of course, even for pure face, the Jetto X70 Plus has the look level.I drove jetway X70 Plus to the car wash this time, the car wash man thought I was driving a luxury car, said the car looked like 300 or 400 thousand.Then, I seriously suspect he overcharged me for washing the car, haha.