Civilized etiquette | Personal Etiquette

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Civilized etiquette is an important embodiment of the civilized quality of citizens and also one of the yardstick to test the degree of social civilization.A person’s health habits, clothing and the formation and maintain dignified, generous appearance has a close relationship.1. Hygiene is the key to good appearance and the basic requirement of etiquette.No matter how good the appearance, dress more luxurious, if the face dirt, smell, it is bound to destroy a person’s beauty.Therefore, everyone should develop good health habits, do sleep and get up face, feet, morning and evening, meal logistics brush teeth, often wash hair and take a bath, pay attention to comb frequently change clothes.Do not “clean up your personal hygiene” in front of others, such as picking your teeth, picking your nose, picking your ear wax, manicuring your nails, rubbing dirt, etc. These behaviors should be avoided by others. Otherwise, it is not only unsightly, but also disrespectful to others.Talk to people at a distance, not too loud, don’t foam at the mouth.2. Costumes reflect a person’s cultural quality, aesthetic taste and elegance.Specifically, it should not only be natural and appropriate, harmonious and generous, but also comply with certain established norms or principles.Clothing should not only adapt to their specific conditions, but also always pay attention to the objective environment and occasions of dress requirements, that is, dress should give priority to the time, place and purpose of the three elements, and strive to keep in harmony with the time, place and purpose in all aspects of dress.Speaking speaking, as an art, is an important part of personal etiquette.1. Courtesy and appearance should be sincere and kind;The size of the voice should be appropriate, the intonation should be calm and composed;Respect others.2. Honorific words, words of respect and politeness.Such as the daily use of “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, the second person “you” and so on.The first meeting is “long heard”;Long time no see for “long absence”, please criticize for “instruction”;Bother others to call “bother”;Ask for convenience for “borrow light”;Ask someone to do something “please” and so on.Try to get into the habit of using honorifics.Now, the polite language advocated in Our country is ten words: “hello”, “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “goodbye”.These ten words embody the basic language form of speech civilization.Posture of conversation posture of conversation often reflects a person’s character, cultivation and civilized quality.Therefore, when talking, first of all, both sides should face up to each other and listen to each other. They should not look around, read books and newspapers, look tired and yawn, otherwise they will give people the impression of absent-minded, arrogant and unreasonable.Standing is the most basic human posture, is a static beauty.When standing, the body should be perpendicular to the ground, the center of gravity should be placed on the palms of the two front feet, chest out, stomach in, head up, shoulders relaxed, arms sagging or crossed in front of the body, eyes level, smile.Do not stand crooked neck, oblique waist, bent leg, etc., in some formal occasions should not be inserted in the hand pocket or cross in front of the chest, more do not subconsciously small movements, so not only appear stiff, give a person the feeling of lack of confidence, and also lose the solemn manner.3. Sitting Posture Sitting is also a static pose.Dignified and beautiful sit, can give a person with cultured, sedate, natural and easy aesthetic feeling.The right way to sit is straight back, shoulders relaxed.Women should keep their knees together;Male knee ministry can separate a few, but do not want too big, do not exceed shoulder width commonly.Put your hands naturally on your lap or on the arm of a chair.In formal occasions, when taking a seat, you should be gentle and gentle, and you should be dignified and sedate. You can’t sit violently and make tables and chairs ring, causing awkward atmosphere.No matter how you sit, keep your upper body straight, as the ancients said, “sit like a clock.”If adhere to this point, so no matter how to transform the posture of the body, will be beautiful, natural.Walking is the main action in people’s life, walking is a kind of dynamic beauty.”Walking like the wind” is used to describe a brisk and natural gait.The correct walking posture is light and steady, the chest should be straight, the head should be raised, the shoulders should be relaxed, the eyes should be flat, the face should be smiling, and the arms should be swinging naturally.Practice civilized etiquette, polish the background of civilization, develop good civilized behavior habits, and let the wind of civilization blow through every corner of Hefei