Li Teng: A happy life is hard work

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Did you have a good year?What is your biggest accomplishment this year?…At the beginning of 2021, The Rong Media Center of Jindong District and jinyi New District Branch of Jinhua Daily selected 10 people with different backgrounds and experiences and asked them to talk about their life, family and work in the past year.This is the second year we’ve been following these 10 families, and the second season of “Living Landscape: Our Year,” we continue to touch the pulse of The Times with their stories.My name is Li Teng, is a villager of Hengdian village, Jiangdong town, is also a driving school coach, everyone’s trust in me is my motivation to continue to learn and improve driving skills.Time is like the wheel of running, fast forward, 2021 passed in a flash.Looking back, thousands of words can not describe, although there are ups and downs in life, but as long as you see the bright smile on the face of his wife and daughter, the heart will pour out passion for struggle.This year, my father Li Chunnian no longer served as the secretary of the village Party branch, but he was still enthusiastic about the development of the village cause. My wife and I were happy to welcome the birth of our baby daughter, and the whole family took a family photo to welcome the beauty of life.As a new dad, I was excited and nervous.I think of the first time I held my daughter, so soft, so lovely, so sweet, my heart almost melted.When I see my daughter’s wobbly figure from cradle to toddler, I feel the wonder of a new life and the burden on my shoulders.Over the past year, I have worked hard because I know THAT I can be relied on by my wife and daughter, as well as by my parents.In previous years, I had about 70 students, but in 2021 that number will double.This is partly because I gave up my rest time to work overtime. It is also due to my wife’s participation in coaching trainees after her postpartum recovery.Many people do not understand the coach industry, always think that our job, is to sit in the passenger seat command students, but in fact, we pay behind the efforts are not a lot.I have been in this field for more than ten years. In the past two years, the driving test has been reformed and the test has become more difficult. Our coaches also need to keep learning and teach with patience, care and sincerity.I have also encountered students who failed to understand after repeated explanations, and the more this happens, the more I remind myself not to hurry.Because the coach is anxious, students will be more anxious, more can not calm down to listen.Under normal circumstances, I will teach various cases and cases to students and avoid their weaknesses. While teaching driving skills, I will also serve as a part-time psychological tutor to help students adjust their learning mentality.In the New Year, I hope my parents are healthy and my daughter is in peace. I will use the sweat of struggle to win a happy life.Reporter’s note: Li Teng is like millions of ordinary people, in order to live, in order to dream, try his best to struggle.About the interview time, Li Teng is very upset, because his time is occupied by work, can only squeeze lunch time to meet.But when he talked about work and life, his eyes were full of light.In him, there is a power of struggle ready to start, efforts and progress is not to do for others, but to live up to their own.”Past article” Jindong District Rong Media Center author: Dai Cui Wen Chen Yiying Editor: Lu Chenxia Review: Wu Yijing supervisor: Chen Yujie statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: