Spring Festival before the loss of his father, 19 years old firefighters over the most difficult Spring Festival

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“When the family reunion, there is such a group of people unknown to the public, no regret to guard a party peace.They may come from remote mountainous areas and have never seen rows of tall buildings or taken the subway…But they shed blood and sweat, with youth and even with life to guard the city.Most of them come in silence, and one day leave in silence, and perhaps no one knows their names.But remember at any rate that there was once a group of young men who quietly fought their lives for us.”Zhang Yili, deputy chief of the Shangcheng District Fire and Rescue Brigade in Hangzhou, posted a message on his wechat moments on New Year’s Eve (January 31).In the post, he mentioned liu Youfu, a 19-year-old firefighter.This is Liu Youfu’s second Spring Festival in the fire station, and it should be one.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Youfu took care of his father’s affairs and returned from his hometown to the Jiubao fire rescue station, which Zhang Was in charge of.”He said to me, ‘Zhang, I don’t have a father and mother.This has been my second home ever since.”Zhang yili said liu was an ordinary firefighter. He did not perform heroic deeds to save lives, nor did he receive many MEDALS, but I could see kindness, tenacity, optimism and hope in him.Let’s get close to this 19-year-old hangzhou firefighter, listen to him talk about his heart care, accompany him to dry his tears, also accompany him to find hope and sunshine.At about 2pm on January 7, 2022, I finished my duty at the gate and went back to my dormitory as usual. I planned to catch a nap before the afternoon training.Before I lay down, I glanced at my phone next to my pillow. I had 20 missed calls.At that time, I was a little surprised, picked up the mobile phone to look, the phone is three sisters and big nephew called.Something must have happened at home.At that time, my teammates were in the dormitory for lunch break, AND I can’t remember how TO walk to the bathroom with my cell phone, or how to call back.On the phone, my sister was crying, she said: “Dad is gone, hurry back.”It was the most painful phone call in the world.Two days ago (January 5), I talked to my father on the phone and he said, I feel sick sometimes. I am not very energetic.I’ve been taking my medicine. Maybe it’s cold.”He also told me to wear more clothes and work harder.I knelt in the back of the bathroom and cried for a long time.When the wake-up bell rang at the end of the lunch break, the teammates came out of the dormitory and headed to the bathroom to wash their faces and prepare for assembly practice.I wiped a handful of tears from the bathroom back to the bedroom.They greeted me, and I ignored them.No one in the bedroom, I could not bear it any longer, cried out.Voice or was keen teammates heard, not for a while, stationmaster Zou Chengjie ran over.I told him, “I want to go home!My father is gone.”He was stunned.Immediately, the instructors in our station and the leaders of the brigade all knew about it.The fire station is so special that they gave me a leave at the first time.That evening, I got on a plane to Chengdu.My hometown is Panzhihua, Sichuan, which is more than 600 kilometers away from Chengdu.After I got off the plane in Chengdu, I had to make several bus transfers to get home.This is probably the hardest way to get home for anyone who’s ever left home.On the morning of January 8, I finally returned to my hometown.It was the same familiar bungalow, the same scene at home again.Six years ago, when Mom fell ill and died, dad and I held a vigil in this house to say goodbye.This time, I had to say goodbye to dad again.Dad left because of a heart attack.Very suddenly, even too late to rescue, not a word left.Dad lay there as if he were asleep.I only looked at him and felt that he was thinner, darker, older than the last time I saw him.In the two years I’ve been a firefighter, I’ve only been home once, in May 2021, for half a month.Usually, we talk on the phone about once every two weeks. Dad doesn’t know how to use a smartphone, so we talk on the phone and never video chat.Originally, I discussed with my father, this spring to go back home.At that time, dad raised more than 100 sheep can be sold, he plans to sell sheep, peace of mind for retirement.I also plan to take the seventy or eighty thousand yuan of savings saved after work, the bungalow at home into a two-story small building.In the last few phone calls, my father was dreaming of his retirement life, and I discussed with him how to renovate the house…Unexpectedly, it all came so suddenly, dad went away like this, leaving behind this bungalow too late to renovate, the flock of lambs he did not want to sell in the winter and I deeply regret.Now I deeply feel the taste of “the son wants to raise but does not treat his parents”.The Last Outing for the Family of Three The Only Family Photo I was born in a reorganized family. Both my parents had children before I was born.I was their only son. My father was 50 and my mother was 40 when I was born.Like most of my peers, my childhood was full of parental care and love.Dad came of age. He had three daughters before me.When I was born, all three sisters were married.He seemed to dote on me.My family didn’t have much money when I was a kid, but they tried to give me the best that they could.February 1, 2011, the eve of the Spring Festival of that year, was one of the few times the three of us went out, and it was almost the last time we went out as a family.That time, my father took me and my mother to the county of their hometown, saw an acrobatic show, but also took me to ride a camel.On that trip, the three of us took the first and only family photo.At that time, I was 8 years old, ignorant, full of curiosity about new things.Not long after that, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.The summer of 2013 had not yet arrived, and my elementary school graduation had not yet arrived, mom.For years, whenever I thought about my mother, I would take out that family photo and look at it for a while.At the beginning of 2020, WHEN I came to Hangzhou to work as a firefighter, I saved my family photo in my mobile phone.At the beginning of 2022, when I returned to Hangzhou again, all I could think about my parents was this family photo.The original family photo is still in the old bungalow, as if my parents are still guarding it for me.After the youngest fireman at the station sent my father away, I went to the sheepfold where my father kept sheep dozens of kilometers away.After dad left, there was no one else to take care of the hundred lambs. After consulting with my sisters, I decided to sell all the big sheep that could be sold, and the sisters would raise the lambs until they could be sold.My sister put the money into the bank for me and said it would be saved for my future family.After taking care of my father, I locked the door of my old home.Set out again for Hangzhou.My sister asked me whether I would like to ask the station for a period of time off, and then return to Hangzhou after the Spring Festival.I said, “The Spring Festival is coming. There is a lot of work in the station. I still have to go back to my post.”In fact, on the other hand, I really dare not calm myself down.I’m afraid a quiet down, will think of parents, think of those regrets…Maybe get busy enough to get out of it.On January 22, I returned to the Nine Fort Fire and Rescue Station.My teammates greeted me warmly and joked with me, and no one mentioned anything about my family.I guess that’s just the way firefighters deal with things.My teammates, like me, did not know how to deal with sad things that happened to them.In the simplest way possible — forget it happened — to stay with me and help me through the most difficult days.The next day back at the station, I was back on duty and everything seemed the same as it had been half a month ago.Duty, training, police response…It’s just that my teammates pick me up more times at mealtimes.I may be the youngest firefighter at Nine Fort, but people don’t underestimate my youth.As a firefighter on the front line, WHEN I participated in the fire fighting and rescue, I was mainly responsible for transporting and laying water for my teammates who went into the fire.”I wish you had come back.With you at my side, I feel safe and secure.”Instructor Xia Yu of this I am very moved.I followed the instructor, station master, squad leader many times in and out of the fire, every time they protect me behind.Originally, in their eyes, I also protect them.Since then, this has been my second home. In the first week after I returned to Hangzhou, the battalion instructor and the deputy battalion commander came to visit me in the station to comfort and encourage me.In the station office, facing my battalion leader alone for the first time, I was so nervous I barely dared to speak.But EVERY word they said stuck in my mind, just like my father’s.The instructor said, I am still young, there are many possibilities in the future, in the post to be steadfast, hard-working, will be able to make a better life.Instructor’s words, let me think of every time when I call my father, my father will say before hanging up the phone: “Baby, be sure to work hard, this job is good.”On New Year’s Eve, we had dinner together in the canteen of the fire station.Everyone from the performance, laughter, suddenly the alarm rang, I and everyone put down the hands of chopsticks, rushed out of the canteen, put on combat clothes.As I sat in the car, with the fire engine ringing, and looked at the distant lights, I suddenly had a deeper understanding of this job.”Originally guarding the lights of thousands of families, is a kind of happiness.”Back to the station again, the dinner table food has been cold, but I eat with relish.As usual, the stationmaster and instructor gave each of us a red envelope.I smiled, the most relaxed smile I’ve had in over a month.This Spring Festival has been a little busy, a lot of police.There were fires, there were rescues, and I was more active and involved than ever before.I told the fire station’s best friend, is also a fellow aku yipu said: “probably this is called setbacks make people grow.”Conclusion: On February 14, qianjiang Evening News hour news reporter came to jiubao fire rescue station.When I met Lau yoo-fook, he was taking part in daily training at the fire station training ground.Among firefighters, he was not big, nor did he excel in training.19 years old age, but also doomed to face a bit childlike.However, in training and conversation, I can feel his tenacity beyond his peers.The calluses on the palms of his hands also show his assiduity and enthusiasm in training.On this day, he did not call the police and participated in a fire drill at the complex in addition to training.During the drill, he carried a stretcher and played a rescue role.The way he’s all in, he’s handsome, he’s a hero.”Liu Youfu you have to believe that your blessing in the future.”In fact, Liu Youfu is the epitome of many fire and rescue workers.Perhaps the firefighters in our impression are the superheroes in the fire, the light of hope in the night, and the life-saving stone standing in the flood.But in reality, they are more unknown to pay in the post, tired to collapse in the training ground, in the fire was smoked black…They are flesh and blood, they shed tears, they are sons and lovers of others.They sacrificed the small family, leaving too much regret, but has been guarding the lights.The Lantern Festival has just passed, salute to every ordinary fire and rescue personnel, wish them and their families joy and peace!Source: Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Xie Chunhui correspondent Jin Tianwen statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com