CAI Shaofen and Zhang Jin together 14 years, still have love heart, happy self-kan is abnormal

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On April 5, CAI Shaofen recorded part of the new variety video content exposure.As a model couple in the entertainment industry, she and her husband Zhang Jin could not avoid being asked questions about their relationship.When the host asked CAI Shaofen and Zhang Jin’s marriage, CAI shaofen said that it was still like dating, that is, the state of love, and freely admitted that the heart still beats.For this state, CAI Shaofen also did not forget to make self-ridicule, expression twisted said: “very abnormal, right”.Although CAI Shaofen’s mouth without feeling to ridicule himself, but think her heart is feeling happy.Because when she was asked if she was satisfied with the current state, CAI replied in surprise: “Ah, more than satisfied.”Therefore, CAI shaofen is very happy to be with her husband for 14 years and still have the heartbeat of love.By contrast, when Papi Jiang, who has only been married for a few years, was asked the same question about love, her reaction was very different from CAI’s. Papi Jiang asked “love” in a contemptuous tone, as if she didn’t have much to say.Although the two people’s reactions are very different, it doesn’t mean they are happy or not, because Papi Jiang is quite funny, and sharing and her husband’s daily painting style are always teasing each other, probably due to their personalities.After marriage, CAI Shaofen has a son and two daughters with Zhang Jin. Behind the happy family, she is inseparable from CAI Shaofen’s silent efforts. Since she had a child, CAI Shaofen basically rarely takes part in the film, but fully supports her husband’s work, while she chooses to return to the family to take care of her children.In with Eva, caishaofen basically is hands-on, she had revealed that nearly ten years didn’t sleep a night, and, 46 years old, she gave birth to three sons, to take care of son also tired out of a disease, with severe periarthritis of shoulder, despite treatment but no time to rest her recovery effect is not very good, his arm once can’t stretch back,Even now it hurts like hell.Although raising children is hard, CAI shaofen does not feel bitter, but enjoys the process of accompanying her children.Pay for a wife for family, as a husband, zhang also see in the eye, he used to write a long letter detailing the wife do the hard work and caishaofen, sang in the letter he wrote: “have you ever is also a beautiful love beautiful girl ah”, “my heart is very thank you, although I have not said to you, but I know, you pay for the family is very, very much”.The two people who support each other, understand each other and rely on each other all the way, this is the most beautiful appearance of married love.And look at CAI Shaofen and Zhang Jin’s social dynamics, although they are the parents of three children, but they will lead a two-person world from time to time, the love of the old husband and wife is still good knock, is the envy of love, bless them!