After the sugar tangerine/tangerine is picked, when should the garden be cleaned, pruned, the moon fertilized and the bottom fertilized?

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As we know, after selling citrus fruit, we need to do garden cleaning, pruning, restoring tree potential (drenching fertilizer), putting fertilizer and other agricultural work.So, when does this work start?When do you need it done?What is the order between them?Here’s an illustration.1, the completion of the work 1, clear garden: after selling fruit can clear the garden, the latest before the start of spring to complete.2, yuezi fat: sell fruit after 7-10 days drench yuezi fat, at the latest before the completion of spring.Note that the fruit should be drizzled as soon as possible after picking.Because the fruit will take away a lot of nutrients, causing the tree to weaken, so use yuezi fertilizer to quickly restore the tree.3, pruning: after selling fruit can start pruning, at the latest in the spring bud to complete.4, base fertilizer: it is recommended to start to put the base fertilizer 10-15 days after doused confinement, at the latest in the bud before white.2, order description 1, qing Yuan, yuezi fat, trim, these three do not conflict, can be done at the same time, there is no absolute order, but must be completed before the spring bud.2, because of the workload of pruning is relatively large, the construction period is relatively long, you can clean the garden and after drenching the baby fat and then trim.3, the completion of the garden, yuezi fertilizer, trim these three work, it is necessary to put the bottom fertilizer.Base fertilizer should also be completed before the spring buds.4. Note that nanning and Chongzuo may have buds or buds in mid-late February due to high temperature, so time is relatively tight. We must arrange time to ensure that the above four tasks are completed before buds.Note: It is recommended to fertilize the fruit immediately within 7-10 days after cutting the fruit, at the latest before the start of spring.(1) Weak tree power scheme: rush application: Amami/Orange selection 500 times + Meili Fertilizer 88(500 times) Leaf spraying: Leaf fertilizer 2 800 times + Leaven yeast 1000 times + Wobu 1000 times (2) Medium and prosperous tree power scheme: rush application: Amami/orange selection 500 times + Meili fertilizer 86 (500 times) leaf spraying:2. Citrus base fertilizer Program Special 88 2-4kg + Meili Fertilizer no.5 / Meili Fertilizer No. 1 0.5-1kg + Meili Fertilizer No. 2 0.5kg Note: The above is the amount of each tree.Make fine adjustments according to tree potential and tree age.It is recommended to start fertilizing 10 to 15 days after the shower, and finish it at the latest before the buds show white.When does fertility start?When is it due by?