Husky “own” lost, police sent circle of friends to help find its careless master

2022-06-24 0 By

“Urgent urgent urgent, which dog friend husky dog lost near tian Lin area, was picked up by me, please carry valid documents to tian Lin new village police station claim.”Recently, in tianlin new village police station police and the majority of enthusiastic netizens through the help of love, found a husky dog owner.A few days ago, the police of Tianlin Police Station found a husky dog wandering unattended on the street while they were patrolling caobao Road, Caxi Road.The police then launched a visit to the scene, looking for the owner of the fruitless, for fear of affecting passers-by, then brought the dog back to the police station for temporary care, and at the same time continue to search for the owner.After arriving at the station, the police found that the husky did not apply for a dog license and could not find the owner through the system. Instead, they could only call up the public video nearby. However, they searched many surrounding blocks, but did not find any useful clues.At this time, the police had a brainwave, decided to send the photos of the pet dog to the circle of friends, with the power of the network to help the dog find the owner, and with the strength of the area of the pet shop, in the love of pet people to seek help.With the help of warm-hearted citizens and dog-loving volunteers, Ms. Wang, the owner of the lost husky dog, hurried to the police station to claim it more than an hour later.”Seven days ago, the door at home was not locked, erha slipped out.When I found out, I chased him all the way in my pajamas. He probably thought he was playing with me, running happily, and finally lost himself.””The family, who lived in the street of Hunan Road, had searched for the dog for several days and posted the news on the Internet,” Wang told police. “They didn’t expect the dog to stray to tianlin.”For the police can come up with such a novel way “for the people to solve the problem”, Ms Wang praised repeatedly.Civilian police to Ms. Wang did not deal with dog certificate for the education, and remind the will raise dogs as soon as possible to the site of the designated by the competent department of veterinary after receiving rabies vaccination, implanted electronic identity, in a timely manner to carry personal identity certificates, certificate of house property certificate or house lease, the material such as dog rabies immune to prove to the local police station to deal with “raises the dog registration certificate”,Or through the municipal government “one net do” general portal and “with the application of citizen cloud” light application online for “dog registration certificate”.(One per household;Individuals are prohibited from keeping aggressive dogs).Three days later, Ms. Wang specially came to tianlin New village police station, for the police to send a banner, and said that has been dealt with the “dog certificate”, no longer need to worry about “two ha” lost.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai