You can go anywhere you want!”Pudong in Time”

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In 2021, something is going to change around us,
That’s the way to get around,
From the opening of pudong Avenue to traffic,
To the north section of Line 14 and Line 18 phase I
In the initial stage of operation,
Then to the side of a city sub-dry road constantly built……
Passepartout, Passepartout,
We’re getting around more and more easily,
Getting “closer” to where we want to be.

Let’s go back to 2021,
Ground transportation Wide and flat When it comes to road transportation,
The most impressive thing about 2021 May be
Pudong Avenue is nearly 8 kilometers long
Realized two-way 6 lanes open to traffic.

On December 20th,
With rod closing, greening, manhole cover elevation adjustment,
Traffic signs and lines related to road operation safety,
The completion of traffic signal adjustment work,
A new, spacious, bright one
Pudong Avenue is on the east bank of the Huangpu River.

Pudong Avenue ↑ under construction in December last year

Pudong Avenue, formerly known as Pudong Road,
It was built in 1930.
When the road was first built,
A cinder road only 6 to 10 meters wide.
This construction can be said to be
Pudong Avenue is nearly 100 years old
The longest span of time,
The content is also the richest one.

Except for Pudong Avenue,
There were more in the new district last year
Road projects implemented or completed.

On October 28th,
Expo Culture Park municipal road supporting projects
The main line of Expo Avenue was officially opened to traffic,
Moving the road underground,
Make park and riverside wetland
Not because the road is cut in two,
Vehicles can also pass through the contact lane
From the underground to the Grand Opera House,
Opening of the North section of the Expo Cultural Park
Favorable conditions have been created.

In mid-November,
Hi-tech Middle Road (Luoshan Road – outer ring Road) reconstruction project
The whole line is connected by 6 lanes in both directions.
Easing the east-west direction from the outer ring to the inner ring of Pudong New Area
Traffic congestion,
To facilitate access to zhangjiang Science City.

On July 3,
The main line of rapid Engineering of Lianggang Avenue,
From west to north through the industrial district and the main urban area,
Connecting pudong International Airport,
Make the port direct to Pudong Airport in 25 minutes become a reality.

In February, the jiyang Road viaduct was completed,
The main viaduct extends eight kilometers south from lupu Bridge,
Connecting the Central and outer rings makes travel more convenient.

In fact, last December alone,
There are high-tech Middle Road (Luoshan Road – outer ring),
Jinxiu East Road (Shenjiang Road – Jinhuai Road),
Poplar Road (Lung Yang Road – Fong Wah Road),
Zhangyang Road (Jufeng Road – Hangjin Road)
When roads are opened to traffic,
Road after road, night after night,
Let our “want to go” come true.

Rail transit criss-crossed

Rail transit line 14, line 18 phase I north section
Opened initial operation!

Line 14 runs for 38 kilometers,
From Fengbang Station in Jiading District in the west,
East to Pudong New Area Guiqiao Road Station,
Along the line through Jiading District, Putuo District,
Jing ‘an District, Huangpu District, Pudong New Area five administrative districts.

The northern section of The first phase of Line 18 is an extension of the previous southern section,
From Yuqiao station north to Changjiang South Road Station,
Connecting pudong, Yangpu and Baoshan districts,
With the opening of line 18,
Longyang Road station was upgraded to be the only one in the city
Line 5 transfer station,
Line 2, Line 7,
The transfer between line 16 and line 18,
At the same time, it can realize the commutation between maglev lines,
He became the new king of transfer,
Thus, the number of lines connecting Pudong and Puxi has increased to 11.
The new area has more than 300 kilometers of rail transit in operation,
Accounting for more than one-third of the city!
Rural roads are full of life

Walk into the demonstration road which is rated as “four good Rural Roads” in Shanghai
Longfeng Road, Hangtou Town,
The road was wide and smooth,
And rural roads like this,
Leading to a new vision of beautiful countryside,
New hope for rural revitalization.

Set foot on the headlong road
Along the way, there is not only the fragrance of lotus rice,
It will also pass hema Digital Industrial Base,
Doorstep service center, agricultural industrial district,
LED streetlights line the main village road,
Lit up the village night,
And light up a new landscape of rural life.

In 2021,
There are 21 roads in Pudong, including Wufeng Road
It was rated as the “Four Good Rural Roads” demonstration Road of Shanghai.
Huinan town and Xinchang Town became
Shanghai “Four good Rural Road” demonstration town.
Beautiful and tidy rural roads,
It is also the fast track of rural economic development,
Farmers livable life of the comfortable way.
By the end of 2022,
The new area will be upgraded by another 157 kilometers,
We will continue to build a beautiful countryside.
Help the development of agricultural industry!
In 2021,
We see the roads, subways and so on all around us,
Getting around is getting easier.
The New Year,
A number of transport construction projects have been scheduled.
Looking ahead,
I wish you a smooth road, Benedict xing Zhi yuan!

Writing/Editing: Zhao Jing
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