Hot!!!!This kind of resort, all in one price!Occupancy rate over 90%!

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With the increasingly strong demand for in-depth tourism, the single tourism format no longer meets the needs of consumers.During the Spring Festival holiday in Sanya, Hainan province, holiday-based travel has been welcomed by many consumers.Cui Yu, a second-child mother born in the 1980s, plans to travel with her two children this Spring Festival, but has chosen an all-inclusive resort in Sanya because she is afraid of doing many things herself.Such “all-inclusive” resorts not only include meals and accommodation, but also a wealth of entertainment activities. Compared to traditional travel models, children can play in the organized company of professionals and adults can be completely liberated to enjoy the holiday.In sanya haitang bay another one-stop vacationing industry tourism destination the reporter understands, this not only is a resort hotel, and entertainment, catering, shopping, entertainment and so on a variety of formats, adjacent hundreds of meters of each forms, can meet the demand of tourists ChiZhuXing etc, with the arrival of the lunar New Year holiday, here also ushered in the peak passenger flow, a lot of web celebrity entertainment are lining up to more than 1 hour.Qian Jiannong, Chairman of Fosun Tourism and Culture Group, said: “Foreign consumption has been transformed into domestic consumption. Since last week, the occupancy rate has been above 90%, and the first two days have been full.New Evening news integrated CCTV finance (ID: CCTVYSCJ) copyright belongs to the original author article content such as infringement and other problems please contact this number we will deal with in a timely manner